Summer and Stripes

After so much time, I got the chance to blog again.

Since, this was way long overdue, I was still sporting pink pastel hair and still kinda long. I already moved to kind of dark brown silky shiny hair. There are just those time that you will feel that you need to move on and have a change.

The entire look is still very summer despite that this was taken early March: from stripped top, baggy (ahjumma-kinda look) pants to juicy blushed face.

Waiting for a Summer Breeze

Stripes are staple to my closet and I have tons of them. This stripped shirt is from H&M. Baggy straight pants are trendy nowadays and we even sometimes joke around that it is kind of reminscent of “ahjumma” style. I think I have been watching a lot of K-Drama recently tho. Straight baggy cropped pants are just perfect for summer season as it is relaxed and can easily mixed with almost everything. Lastly, finished the look with a clean beige slip-ons from Cotton On.

‘Til the next pose & post!

PS. Summer is in full bloom here in the tropics. I honestly wish we have spring or autumn over here.


Sunshine and a Little Pink

Beach is a happy place for me. It’s as if the sands, sun and sea arr the remedy to my stressed body. What I’m planning to do is to visit as much beach destinations as possible. Who wouldn’t want to travel and enjoy the beach?


Beach Trip!




As much as I love the beach, I am not like the others who stay in the waters – swim & snorkel, do extreme water activities, etc. but instead I am more like a lazy beach bum. As in literally a bum. I just love lounging in the sands (preferrably under the shade), read a book, listen to the clashing of the waves and take a lot of picture (most of the time, of myself or my beach OOTDs).

Not to pass on a beach OOTD, my very first style post is from my very first vacation of the year, which is in Bolinao, Pangasinan. I’ll blog more about my 2nd visit in Bolinao very soon.

For this style post, I opted to wear an all black ensemble. I always believe that you will never go wrong with black. To accent the monotonous color, I brought along with me a pink Oriental cover-up which by the way matches my new hair color!

Nothing Short of Sunshine


Sleeved Top from Uniqlo. Shorts from Uniqlo. Cover-up from Cotton On. Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios.

More travel soon, I will try to top my 2015 travel diaries. I really hope so. More OOTDs and I’ll try to be a better blogger by doing more blog entries.

Tropics + Serenity


Thanks for keeping up with me and reading my online space for almost three years now. I love you all!

Hello, Beach! 👋

‘Til the next pose & post!

Flavor of the Month: Pink

New year, new beginnings. Such a cliche but we always believe on that. Many of us change the way we live. Like staying away from vices and living a healthy lifestyle. Some change their perspective and some like me change their hair color.

For last year, I sported blonde hair all year long. And to be honest, it is quite a hassle and such a high maintenance stuff. I easily get annoyed when I see black hair growing from the roots. I really wish someone would invent a pill when you take it, you instantly change your hair color. That would be really fantastic because for people like me who wanted to try different hair colors and experiment from time to time, that would save us time coloring our hair and trips to salons.

For the start of the year, I colored my hair pink or what the hair pro says “Mystique Heather”. I’ve been planning to try “out of the box” color for quite some time now but I guess I dont have the courage yet. Aside from that, I was hesitant to try it because it might not fit my skin tone. It is very crucial that your hair color is with harmony with your skin tone or else it will turn out very un-classy or I may use a Filipino slang “chaka”.


Pink Bangs


First Selfie of 2014


Pink Angst

Originally, I wanted to do something very purple but I think my hair decided to go pink. The color in hair color book looks like more purplish than pinkish. Well anyways, it has already been done and even though I was quite disappointed that I didnt quite expect this hue to come out, I am so pleased with the result. Think of supermodel Kate Moss, ANTM winner cycle 18 winner Sophie Sumner, Jia of Miss A (Kpop group) and not really a lot more. This color is hard to maintain but I will do my best to keep this color until my birthday. Yeap, I am turning 27 very soon and that’s close to 30. Scary right! I will not be able to sport this hair color when I turned 30ish because it is so juvenile. Hahahaha.


The Kate Moss


Jia of Miss A

By the way, I really like that my hair is turning cotton pink as the day progresses. From very dark pink to light pink.

So wish me luck with my “pink” hair month.

So, do you love me with pink hair?

Til the next pose & post!