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Taiwan – January 2018 (Prologue)

Taiwan. What do we know about Taiwan? Maybe the famed Asian drama ‘Meteor Garden’? A soveriegn country a little bit north of the Philippines? What else? These are the answers that most people will come up but for me it is more than those.

9 Degrees Welcome

Taipei 101

As a child, Taiwan is a country that I really wanted to visit, even before all the hype started: Meteor Garden, milktea, etc. I fondly remember the stories of my “Tita” (aunt) about her travel in Taiwan. Since that time, I made up my mind that I need to go to Taiwan, will have a blast and make great memory just like my tita used to when she visited the country. Another reason I wanted to go to Taiwan is becaude of a tv show aptly titled “Fun Taiwan” in Discovery Channel. I remember marking my own notebook/calendar each week so that I will not miss any episode.

Taipei Cinema Park

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial

So for me, this trip in Taiwan is etra special as this trip fulfills my childhood dreams of visiting the country. We all have that one place we heard about a lot back in the days and you can’t wait to go there. For some, it may be Disneyland but for me it’s Taiwan.

Taipei View From Gondola


Sky Lantern at Shifen Old Street

This I have to say that visiting Taiwan is a big check on my bucket list. Taiwan did not fail my expectations about everything (even exceeded them): I feel at home when I was in Taiwan, people are genuinely nice, public transportation is great, and everything about our trip is so perfect (even the weather cooperated!). I also have to say that most people understand English but keeping a little bit of basic Mandarin will do some wonders. I know a little bit of Mandarin and it was drained to the extreme on the airport when I was buying our bus ticket to the city but I guess that is an experience I wont trade for anything and I promised myself to re-learn, re-study Mandarin as it may come in handy again (when I go back to Taiwan or visit China soon).

Lavender Ice Cream at Lavender Cottage

Taichung and Flowers

This part was supposedly part one of the many entries but I have decided to put this as a prologue. I have never done a prologue before but since this is a very special trip for me and this post has become a little lenghty, so here it goes. I know I said a lot for a prologue and please keep posted for the next in the series. Hope you love this blog post series as much as I enjoy and love Taiwan.

I Fell In LOVE with Taiwan

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Art Fair Philippines 2018

February to March has always been a special part of the year for me. As a child, I am most excited about this part of the year because of the summer vacation.

Also, maybe because it signals the start of the year for me to start afresh and get more inspiration for the coming year. Speaking of inspiration, what better way to get inspiration is from seeing beautiful art and just flood my sense of sight with all the beauty and non-coordination in the form of art.

Second time to attend ArtFair Philippines and the visuals are as shocking and pleasantly surprised at the same time. Every corner of the fair boosts great pieces both from local artists and internationals alike.

For this year’s ArtFair, we decided to visit the fair on a Friday which I think is a good idea. Last time, we went there on a Saturday and it was so jam packed, like literally they stopped the admission sometime after we went in. This year though, you need to buy your ticket ahead of time and choose a schedule that suits your liking the best. Like I said, we booked a Friday schedule and we opt to get the latest timed entrance. This year, we had more time to really go around and feast our eyes with visual treats.

My highlights for this year’s artfair, I got a chance to go face to face with a Yayoi Kusama art pieces. I was so “kilig” with looking at it personally as I was an instant fan when I read about her artwork maybe 5 years back and this was the very first time that I got the chance to see her artwork with my own eyes. In case you do not know Yayoi Kusama, she is the one behind the Infinity Mirrors exhibition that went around the world and hopefully she can bring it here in the Philippines. There was an exhibition last year in Singapore and I totally do not have the time to fly to Singapore at that time and that was my biggest regret last year.

For the local ones, my total favorite was the series made by Yeo Kaa titled “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry”. Does it sound like a Super Junior song?😊 I came across Yeo Kaa from last year’s ArtFair and immediately liked her aesthetic. She uses pastels on all her medium, but the theme is so dark that her artworks shows depression, anxiety and other emotions. To sum it up in one word: Melancholy. You can also see all her great artworks on her Instagram page @yeokaa .

Another one that brings home the bacon for me is this artwork entitled “Inception of Life” by Roy Dwi Antonio.

I promise to visit and support our local ArtFair (and artists) and hopefully to visit more artfairs in our neighboring countries soon. I am eyeing Art Basel in HK, Tokyo Art Fair and Korean International Art Fair.

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Family Vacation in Boracay (Part 1)

Our summer started a little bit late that the usual. I feel like I we do not have a summer at all. I think this is the first time that I was not able to visit a beach destination in the last 5 years on the months of March to May. Really a bummer, right?

So, you wonder why I this blog entry in the first place? My family has decided that we will visit Boracay on the month of June when Summer is officially over but that did stop us from having a fun time on the famous little island.


Window Seat Always

This entire series is a photo diary of sort. I do not have long narrative about Boracay and normally when I am in the island, I just enjoy the time though it’s different this time around as this is the first time I was able to visit Boracay with my family.

Home For The Week

Hello, Island!

Enjoy the pics from our first day in the island


Pink and Gray

My Fave Love 😘

Focus On Me

Famous Jonah’s Milkshake

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ArtFair Philippines 2017

First time to attend Art Fair Philippines. I have been wanting to see this yearly event in The Link, Ayala but it’s either I have a different plan on the same date or I don’t have someone to join me in Art Fair.

13 Reasons Tapes

Not Even Perfect

For 2017, I made sure that I will be able attend the fair and I was not disappointed. The place which was originally a parking building housed a lot of art that entices the senses. There are even installations and interactive pieces that you can touch and play around. What I really enjoyed the most is that the fair showcased variety of art that appeals to different people.

This Art Gives Some Major Red Velvet Vibe

Shadow Play


Here are some of my favorites:

My Fave Color and My Name


Black Pink In Your Area

My New Fave Artist – Yeooka

Cat Lady

Black and White Versus Colored

I will definitely be back next year. Thanks to my unnie Sherwin for accompanying me to this art fair, I’ll drag you again next year!

With Unnie

‘Til the next pose & post!

Amnesia by Takahiro Hirabayashi – This My Ultimate Fave Piece from This Year’s ArtFair

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (Day One) 

I have this fascination or a dream that I want to travel back in time so that I can appreciate arts and architecture back at those time. I really wanted to learn more about the design aesthetics of long gone days and how unique Old Manila was. Yes, we might have Intramuros to relive those good old times but my spirit “old school” me craves for something more.

Old Style Window

Taking A Break From All The Walking

So happy that I share same sentiment with my college friends and we have decided to visit Las Cas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan for an early summer getaway.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a big compound or property where you can delight your sense of sight with pleasing Old Manila/Philippines style, dating back to the 1800s to 1920s-ish style. You got to experience cobblestones driveways which I only read in history books or I’ve seen in real life in Calle Crisologo in Vigan.

Cobblestones and Statues

Shopping District

Just Speechless

Old Building, Modern Times

We have decided to stay for one night in Las Casa to have a full experience how it feels like to live back on old days. Don’t be fooled as their rooms have air-conditioning units and television set (and most importantly, WiFi connection!).

Blending In


Waiting For My Old School Lover (LOL)


For our first day in Las Casas, we have decided to join the complimentary walking tour. Thanks to this tour, we were able to see the entire compound and even had the chance to enter the houses. The houses are originally came from different parts of the Philippines and they have relocated them all in this place. As wonderful as the exterior of each house, the interior is a spectacle of their own. It’s as if we have visited an entire compound of musuem dedicated to Old Philippines design.


Lights and Dusk

Lamppost Tells a Story

The Facade of The Hotel

Fountain Moment – Cant Miss This One

Always At Awe When Seeing This

Day two of our quick getaway is up next, so stay tuned for more pictures.

Ending This Blogpost With One of The Best Sunsets I’ve Seen Firsthand

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Cebu (Part 3): Blooms and Blooms

Now, this got to be one of my favorite parts of our Cebu trip.

Happiness When There Are Flowers

I always love flowers and my Instagram feed is the living proof for that. Starting from the time that I heard and seen about this place, I hava a permanent mental note that I should visit this place. I will not let this Cebu trip go by without visiting Sirao Flower Farm/ Sirao Peak.



Be Always Blooming

Sirao, as I know, is still part of the city (Correct me then if I am wrong). Located atop of a mountain lies a wonderful place full of blooming flowers. Going up to the peak is a little bit of an ordeal but I have to say it is all worth it. Don’t worry though, as cars, taxi and other mode of transportation are readily available from the city center going to Sirao.

Flower Power

Sirao Garden is sometimes called as “Little Amsterdam” as it it reminiscent of blooms from that city.

Me, Being Sweet and Montochromatic

Every corner is Instagram worthy and for a flower lover like me, you will be consumed in your own little space taking in pictures of the flowers, taking selcas and asking your friends to take a photo or two (or hundreds) of you.

Sirao Peak is a must see place in Cebu. We went there on a Saturday morning and the place is a little packed but as you can see the in our pictures it seems that we are the only ones there. Thanks to the other visitors who let us take our photo without a photobomber. I guess it’s a give-and-take unspoken relationship we had with the other tourists. If you really wanted to have the whole place for you, maybe you can visit really early and on a weekday.

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Singapore (Part 1): Haji Lane

It has been months since I’ve started planning this trip to Singapore. I need to correct myself, it has been years of planning and canceling and rebooking of flights because of a lot of things. Finally, the long overdue trip to Singapore has arrived. Finally!

Red Eye Flight to SG. Flying Alone


Coffee and Baggage in Changi

First day in the Singapore soil and my giddy feet wanted to go out so fast. First stop is Haji Lane.


Finally! We’ve Met, Haji Lane.

Haji Lane is known as the artsy and hippy neighborhood in Singapore.


Wall Art Everywhere




Quirky Things All Over Haji Lane

Decorated in all sorts of colors and graffiti, Haji Lane is a delight to the sense of sight. Different stores line up the streets from apparel stores, convenience stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

Shades of Blue

Hat Hunting

Selca and Coffee!

Our main agenda is to see all the graffiti in Haji Lane and it really doesn’t disappoint. Just one catch though, the YOLO wall art is no longer there as they changed it to some blank wall when we were there. Too bad though but hopefully they can come up with something “cooler” to paint on that wall.

Orange Wall


Sitting Pretty




Enough Said

All sorts of “kawaii” things all over the place. Even the stationary shops have the cutest little trinkets one can ask for. If you are looking for something cute to buy while in Singapore, Haji Lane is the place to be.




Some Sort of A Cute Character


This Somehow Reminds Me Of Miley Cyrus



This is just part one of my Singapore trip, more too see and discover. 


Haji Lane Will Be Haji Lane


Distinct Singaporean Architecture in Arab Lane

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Summer Diaries

I can’t really hide my excitement. For the next couple of weeks, I will be starting my summer diary series. Summer is always and will always be my favorite season. As if I have that much choice, we only have dry and wet season. Maybe if we have Autumn here in my country, I might change my mind. 

 Phase 1 of my summer series is already done and quite honestly up until now, I will not be able to say how many phases there would be. Maybe, 4 phases-slash-travel diaries?

 So, this is the perfect time to get a tan and enjoy what our tropical country can offer.

Summer, It Is! ~ Summer 2015!

”Til the next pose and post!

Orange’s Wear-abouts and Musings Turns Two!

I cant believe that it has been two years since I’ve started Orange’s Wear-abouts and Musings. I started wanting to create a space where I can chronicle my style, life and travel.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who makes an effort to read my blog, hope you enjoyed my previous entries and I promise to be better and work harder for this blog.

Exactly two years ago:


Let me open a little bit more and make it a little more personal. Here are fifteen things you might not know about me:

1. Orange is not my favorite color but instead my mom’s. In fact, I have a older brother nicknamed “Red”. So you get it, my mom’s favorite colors (personified).

2. Orange’s Wear-abouts and Musings is my second blog. I’ve tried blogging in 2008 after I finished college. Let’s say at that time, I still do not know yet how I want my blog to be like. I am very thankful for my first blog as I was able to learn a lot and apply it to Orange’s Wear-abouts and Musings.

3. Finished college with a course not related to Fashion or Travel. I finished nursing course and I am a registered nurse.

4. Since I was a child, I remember asking my mom that I want to be a journalist when I grow-up. Starting this blog is actually like a dream come true. I am able to write and style myself which are two of my passions.

5. My aesthetic you might ask? Asian street style. Japanese culture has been a big influence to my style. Growing up watching anime, playing video games and being exposed to all things Japanese have been impacting to my life. If I remember my Psychology class, 40% of what you are right now were groomed when you are at your 0 to 8 years old.

6. Always have a soft spot for psychology. It is my favorite subject in college. Even asked my mom if I can even shift courses.

7. Single and not looking. Not a fan of dating apps. Hahahaha. Always believe that it will come at the right moment.

8. Dream vacation: Japan. Hopefully this year or next year.

9. When you talk about Japan, only one character comes in mind. Hello Kitty. Unfortunately, she is not my favorite Sanrio character. I always and will love Bad Badtz Maru!

10. Growing up, my favorite show is Sailor Moon and my favorite character is Sailor Neptune. Always classy and quiet. As an adult, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. Carrie Bradshaw and Blair Waldorf are my forever telly style icons.

11. I don’t party (anymore). So you will rarely see me out on a Saturday night. I don’t smoke and the last alcoholic drink I had (except for wine/ champagne for the Holidays) was like a year ago. Boring, right?

12. Always a bookworm. I love reading anything. My favorite books growing up are the Baby Sitter’s Club series. Right now my faves are Twilight Saga and Shopaholic Series.

13. I love KPop songs. Whether I understand them or not.

14. I have never rode a ferry boat and have never rode an airplane alone.

15. Lady GaGa is my favorite artist of all-time. A little monster here.

Cheers to more blog entries. More style blog means more OOTDs, more travel entries (i really want to travel all around the Philippines then the world soon.)

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My Essentials: Long Drives and Travel Time

Living in a country where long travels are norms to get to perfect vacation spot, I’ve been asked multiple times what are my essentials for those long travel time. For me, I want to take advantage of the long drive to make me picture perfect once I touchdown on my travel spot. So to say, you will take a peek in my travel purse and what needs to do before anything else.

Most of the time, you will find yourself arriving in a a foreign airport and clueless on what to do. Am I correct? To save time and hassle what better way is to plan your arrival with making prior arrangements. The most common thing to always take note is making arrangements with land transportation. Companies like RelayRides, which is widely available in the United States, can provide ride arrangement for you. By making prior arrangements, 100% availability of your ride is guaranteed. You don’t need to wait in a long queue or dash to the next available cab or taxi. These rides can bring you to your hotel accommodation, bus terminal, train station or maybe directly to your vacation spot. Simple, easy and very much in style. Feel free to visit RelayRides’ website and choose from the diverse options RelayRides have for car rentals.

Long travel time is very exhausting. Who wants to look tired once they arrive in their vacation paradise? My number is one essential is water. Yes, a simple as it may sound but most of the time we always forget to pack one for long travels. Water hydrates us and if we are properly hydrated, our complexion will look better, our eyes are not puffed and overall you will look better. Who would have noticed that you travelled for 6 hours with a very hydrated healthy complexion?

Whenever I am on an out of town trip, there is this one thing that is always on my “to bring” list. I always make sure that I have at least three masks to bring along. Mask? Not the one you are thinking, but to be exact opposite they are called facial sheet masks. Facial sheet masks come in different variety and have different specialties. Some may help with the acne, some for extra moisture and the list goes on and on. It’s up to you which one to use. Normally, I use facial masks on transit to my vacation spot. Just leave it on your face for 20-30 mins and it will give you an instant glow. Facial masks are compact and very affordable.

Aside from facial masks, one cosmetic wonder I always pack for long travels is the BB Cream. I don’t know exactly if BB stands for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”. Anyways, BB creams can substitute for all the make-up you left at home. One tool can make wonder for 5 make-up, now that’s wonderful!

Lastly, for all those long travels, I can assure you that there would be those Instagram-worthy views. Maybe the slopping valleys, the almost abandoned highway, clouds in the sky, you name it. To capture those very insta-moments, you need your smartphone! Nowadays, we don’t just use phones for texting and calling but there are a thousand ways to use them. There are even some smartphones, who can rival the shooting capabilities of some cameras.

There goes my list of essentials whenever I travel specially for long drives. And of course after that long drive, it’s time for you to enjoy your vacation.

‘Til the next pose & post!