To Each A Peach

I was never the type of person who go for full power color coordination when it comes to my outfit. I guess my aesthetic is all about muted and monochromatic tones. From time to time, I like to surprise myself with a little bit of splash of color for my coordinates.


Second outfit post from our recent Taiwan trip. This coordinate is among the very first one that pops in my mind when I was looking through my pile of clothes when we started to plan for our Taiwan trip. As usual, the base of the whole ensemble is from my love of stripes and black bottoms. The combination mixes well with the peach coat.

A Magical Place – Xinshe Castle

Greens Are My Friends

I also planned to wear this outfit on the day that we will visit places which involve flowers and nature. On the day I wore this ensemble,  that day we visited Taichung where Xinshe Castle and Zhong She Flower Market are located. The outfit really blends well with the rustic feel of Xinshe Castle and the blooming ambiance of the flower market. Just to let you know of a little secret, the Taichung part of our trip is my absolute favorite part of our Taiwan trip.

Ni Hao!


Peach Coat from Forever21. Stripped Long Sleeves from Uniqlo. Black Skinny Jeans from Topshop.


Just Happy

‘Til the next pose & post!


My Favorite Mediums

Social media, does it run our lives? That is just one of the question I’m reflecting on. Whatever we do, we tweet it. Whatever we wear, we instagram it. Whatever we eat, we share it. Hype, like, share, update, whatever the verb is, we are definitely living in a digital age.

This is just my breather post after all the outfits, foodies, books I posted. So this is all about my social media accounts. There are tons of social media portals/ websites/apps out there but these are the ones I am currently obsessed with “or” are totally using right now:

1) TWITTER: @orangediaz

Almost everyone is using twitter for microblogging. It’s like texting but you text the entire world (or your followers)


2) INSTAGRAM: @orangediaz

Pictures, pictures, pictures. Hashtags… No need to elaborate further, one of the most popular social media focuses on pictures (and recently launched the video, and honestly I haven’t tried that instavideo thing)


3) StyleShare: www.stylesha.re/orangediaz

It originated from South Korea and focuses on fashion and street style. From this I got a lot of inspiration for OOTDs and a lot more. This is fashion in general, not just outfit but skincare, nails, cosmetics, you name it. I am a sucker for Korean and Japanese fashion, so I guess that’s the reason I love this portal. I dont socialize much on this site but it’s like my ritual to check the feeds every day or every other day the most.


It doesn’t necessarily mean that a social site is popular, you need to join one asap. You have to think what will best work for you and your lifestyle. There are like hundreds of social sites or portals out there, so try to discover and don’t forget to be your own self. Lastly, as one of the local news channel is promoting ~ “Think Before You Click”. Be responsible.

Til the next pose & post!

Some Baby Gone Astray ~ Old Photo.

Last weekend, I happened to look for old photos so that I can put a picture of mom and me for mother’s day. For more than that, I happened to discover some serious cute photos of me back when I was 4 or 5 years old. How time flies. What’s really funny was back then I really love to pose for the camera, no wonder. Another funny thing was I used to have this full bangs even when I was a child. As Japanese people would say, “kawaii!”.

Hope you will discover some kawaii photos in your old vaults. It’s time to reminisce and smile at your young selves.


That’s me posing with the tiger (or is it a lion?) wearing orange shirt and leggings like bottom. The shoes are like so fab. Wonder where mom bought that? Maybe it came from Japan or what not?

Till the next pose & post!

Monday’s Coffee Gang

Let me count the reasons I love Monday – ahhh ahhh ahhh? Ok the main reason I am loving Mondays is: it is our Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Day. I’m such a coffee addict but my taste bud is so tired with a famous coffee shop. I know, I love _________ but I can say that CBTL is my coffeee shop of choice. Thanks to my friends Ehlaine and Amor ( which is also a blogger ~ you can read her nice travelogue entries at elhizamour.wordpress.com ) who officially introduced me to my love affair with CBTL, who is actually celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.



Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf range of coffee is super nice. My all time faves are Vanilla Chai Latte and Caramel Machiatto ( with two doses of Splendas ). Aside from their coffee, I am also obsessed with their non-coffee drinks ~ Sunrise Ice Blended ( orange with some Vanilla or whatever it is ), Mango Ice Blended and that Pink Guava Drink. Another reason I love CBTL is less people are flocking in. More space for personal chitchats about boyfriends, boytoys and etc. 😉



Monday is the best day to grab coffee in CBTL because of their 50% discount on their featured coffee of the week.

Me and my friends will never miss the chance to grab this opportunity to have great coffee, great conversations and great smile.

Happy 50th Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. More years of coffee!

Sorry, I am just being a fan here.

Till the next pose & post!