Palawan (Part 7): Pocket Beaches and Lagoons

Last few islands for our second day of island hopping tour and El Nido keeps on revealing its beauty.

One of the last islands we have visited is the Cadlao Island/ Lagoon. Once you step in this lagoon-slash-island, it gives you the feel of being transported to prehistoric time as if any moment now a dinosaur will come out and play. Seriously, no dinosaurs in this place but extra careful with the monkeys. The water is calm and a little deep at some point. Perfect spot for beach bumming if you are too tired staying and tanning under the sun as the beach has eternal shade from the high limestone formations.





Rugged Rock Formations

Pasandigan Beach is our next destination, just a short ride from Cadlao. This beach is for you if you like long walks in the beach. From this beach, you can see the El Nido town. In fact, some of the tourists opt to kayak from El Nido town to Pasadigan Beach.





Last island for the day and last island destination in El Nido is Bukal Island. A pocket island near Bacuit Bay. Calm and shallow waters are here perfect if you need that much needed photoshoot for your Instagram. Not much activities here but travelers can stay here for the night to experience an authentic island accommodation which is sleeping under the night sky either with or without a tent, which by the way is not my style.


Photoshoot Galore


El Nido Captured My Heart

On our way back to El Nido Town, we were lucky enough to experience and see the sunset in the middle of the ocean. As you know by now, sunset is my favorite part of the day and I make it a point to capture sunset wherever I go. I will never get tired of watching the sunset.


Sunset In The Middle of The Sea

That wraps up the second day of our island hopping in El Nido (and third day in Palawan). Bittersweet moment as this travel series is coming to an end.


The Not So Sleepy Town of El Nido

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Palawan (Part 6): Shrine in A Tropical Island

After enjoying the waves and shore in Helicopter Island, our tour commenced and got a very pleasant surprise which is in Matinloc Shrine.

Matinloc Shrine is one of the abandoned islands in El Nido. I really wonder what happened to this place but despite the island is an abandoned one, a lot of tourists are frequenting this place because of many reasons. In terms of design and architecture, Matinloc Shrine boasts a design reminiscent of Grecian aesthetic. The place also has that eerie feeling but not that scary feeling. Who will get scared with group of tourists enjoying the trip under the afternoon sun? Not me.


The Shrine


Port Like


Where People Bask Under The Sun




From My OOTD Post

  Aside from the shrine in the island, it also has a very good view deck which will let you experience an unobstructive view of the neighboring islands and the vast waters of El Nido, at least on this side of town.


This View Is Heavenly


Giddy Kid


Happy Summer Crew

 After enjoying Matinloc Shrine, we stopped by a neighboring island to have a little rest and lunch. I have to say that each corner in El Nido is a gem.


Corner Pocket Beach


Amazing Rock Formation


Me and Lara Tried Snorkeling, The Rest Bummed By The Beach

 El Nido never cease to amaze me every time we visit any place. Hands down, El Nido is definitely one of the best places in the entire world.

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Palawan (Part 5): The Unexpected Charm and Charisma

Second day in El Nido but our third in the island of Palawan. We thought that we have seen the most of what El Nido can offer as it is very hard to top off what the first day of island hopping tour can offer.

Started the day a little late but nonetheless we enjoyed our time waiting and enjoying the beauty of Bacuit Bay. By the way, Bacuit Bay is the gateway to the islands in El Nido. This is where all sorts of accommodations and socials can be found. It is a small town where you can see a typical Filipino province plus citizens all over the world.


The Beauty of Bacuit Bay

We arrived at our first island around 10 in the morning. Named as “Helicopter Island” as from afar, the island resembles a helicopter.

We weren’t expecting the waves to be so strong. Scary but we managed to still get out from the boat. At the time our boat docked in the island, most of the best people are already leaving. A good sign that you can enjoy the island. It comes in a some sort of a blessing that we started our tour a little late.


Splashing Waters


Secluded Island

  The sands in Helicopter Island is not as white as the other islands but it is as powdery or even more fine than the islands we have visited on the first day of island hopping. The constant strong waves splashing against the shore also give a different charisma to the island.




El Nido’s Version of Skyscapper


Tropical Charm


Splash of Colors

  Helicopter Island is just the first island we have visited for the day, and more beach bumming (or photoshoots?) in the next few posts.


Chill Vibes


‘Til the next pose & post!

Palawan (Part 4): Caves and Cove

Like I always say, El Nido is a post card ready place. It is a haven for photographers (both professional and casual), as wherever you look, there is something to capture. Each place has something unique to offer.

Some of the last few places we have visited for our second day in Palawan are included in island hopping tour B. Like I said in my previous post, the said island hopping tour is the one tour that you shouldn’t miss.

Just after our lunch, we visited Cudugnon Cave. From afar, it looks normal but heck there’s a catch: you need to slither your way to get in. Since I’m already there, I didn’t pass on a little adventure. Everyone is very helpful as they make sure to out some make shift cushion to avoid getting bumps and bruises from sharp edges of the stones. Once you get inside the cave (and after a minute or so of slithering), you will be transported to another dimension. As a teenager, I used to play RPG such as Grandia, Suikoden, etc. I can’t help but think of all those caves in the games and can’t believe that such wonder do really exist.

Sharp Edges


Summer Crew


Na, na, na, na 🎵

  We also have the chance to pass by Cathedral Cave. We have decided that we are satisfied to have our picture taken at the mouth of the cave. Though if you have the energy, you can kayak or swim your way inside and explore what it has to offer.


Cathedral Cave


The Entrance


Just Happy

  Lastly, we visited “Seven Commando Beach”. This island is quite popular and when we got there, a lot of people are taking their time to play beach volleyball, bum in the beach or eat. Yes, this beach is a social beach where you can mingle with a lot of people and enjoy the beach with either a beer or a fresh coconut juice (by the way, I selected the latter). This island is also the perfect spot to catch the sunset.


Seven Commando Beach


Fresh Juice

 Ended our first day of island hopping tour with a very burned skin and a smile embedded in my face.

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Palawan (Part 3): The Perfect Spot

El Nido is a true paradise. Never have I ever been in love with such place before. Been to some of the best beaches in the Philippines but El Nido is completely on a different level (in my own opinion).

Postcard Ready Island

On the first day of our island hopping, one of the last islands we have visited that day is Pinagbuyutan Island. From afar, it screams “Come to me”. I have to say that Pinagbuyutan Island is my favorite place/ island in El Nido. This island is part of Tour B route, so make sure not to miss tour B and most importantly the island.


Walk At The Beach


Stop, Stare and Appreciate


Pinagbuyutan Island offers pristine, soft, powdery white sands that can be comparable to some of the world’s most famous beaches. Too bad that I haven’t really tried to enjoy the waters but based on what I’ve seen that day, shallow and crystal clear waters which is perfect for swimming (young and young at heart alike). Ok, I wasn’t able to enjoy the water because I was too excited to have my picture taken on almost all spots you can imagine. Anyways, as you probably know by now, I love going to the beach but it is very seldom that I get to swim or get wet. I’m more of a beach bum: the one who lays in the sands, have pictures taken, read a book than being the adventurous one and do sorts of water activities.



   Another added factor to the island’s charm is those coconut trees lined as if someone has meticulously measured the distance from one tree to another to create an organized chaos with trees. Those trees are just perfection and will always be in your mind as what summer is really all about.

Coconut Trees


Pinagbuyutan Island is picture perfect, ready to be captured by the camera or your senses anytime. Again, the island is my personal favorite in all of El Nido.


Selca Time, My Friends Are Kinda Busy Too




Picture Perfect


Mountainous Backdrop Of Pinagbuyutan


Heart And Smile


College Friends


‘Til the next pose & post!

Palawan (Part 2): Blue Lagoon And All Sorts Of Blues

El Nido is our summer destination for this summer. Located at the northern tip of Palawan which houses some of the best beaches/ islands in the Philippines (and in the world).

El Nido is actually a paradise masked as a tourist destination. Island hopping is one the countless activities you can do while vacationing in El Nido. For the first two days of our stay in El Nido, we have decided to take boat tours.


Morning In El Nido

For the first day, we have visited multiple islands and beaches. All of which are uniquely stunning and picturesque.


First Photo During The Island Hopping


Normal View in El Nido


Can’t Wait To Go Down


We started with the Small and Big Lagoons. These lagoons are amongst the most popular and most pictured places in the entire El Nido. The lagoons are very calm and serene, a perfect place to enjoy and chill in El Nido. Most people tend to swim or kayak in the Small Lagoon while bigger boats roam around the Big Lagoon.


Kawaii in Big Lagoon




I Wasn’t Able To Try Kayaking in El Nido





Next stop is the Hidden Beach which reminds me of the movie “The Beach”. Though the beach is not really hidden, it is still a challenge to reach this area because you have to enter a very small hole just to get in. Though once inside, you’ll be mesmerized by the hidden beauty of this place.


Hidden Beach

 Just before lunch, we stopped by Snake Island. Don’t worry, no snakes are living on the island. It was names Snake Island asthe sand bar connecting the two islands looks like a snake during low tide.


Taking In The Beauty


Top of Snake Island, A Viewdeck


We Were There During Hightide, We Missed The Sandbar


Out Of Place ~ Alien


First day of island hopping is not yet over, stay tuned for the next part from this series.

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Palawan (Part 1): The River Under The Mountain

Palawan, known as Philippines’ final frontier and The World’s top island. It’s a pleasure to visit this wonderful province/ island in the western part of the Philippines. At least once in your life, you should visit this island. For this summer, me and college friends’ destination is this wonderful island paradise.

Colllege Friends: Me, Amor, Ehlaine, Lara and Doreen


Early Morning Flight: Manila’s City Lights


Started our journey to very early in the morning, 04:30AM to be exact. We booked the earliest flight to Palawan. It would only take a little more than an hour plane ride from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

The agenda is to enjoy the beach in El Nido but before we do so, we have decided to take a day tour to one of the New Wonders of the World, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park or more popularly known as “The Underground River”.

It is fascinating to know that even after less than 2 hours drive from Puerto Princesa city center, the Underground River is still part of Puerto Princesa. And believe me, two hours worth of drive in Palawan is a long drive as we never experienced traffic in that place. The journey to the Underground River is an experience as well as you will pass by some of the most fascinating natural wonders. From cliffs, seaside view, etc. If I would describe Palawan in one word, I will use the word “head-turner”.

Just A Pitstop to PPUR


If you are planning to visit the Underground River, make sure that you have secured a permit. They only limit a number of people each day to visit this place. Believe me, never attempt to go there as a walk-in tourist, you will just waste your time. Anyways, a lot of legit travel agencies can help you book your tour to the Underground River including transfers, permits, entrance tickets and food.

Aside from the van transfer, you will also ride a boat to the mouth of the Underground River.


Boat Transfer


Touchdown Underground River


Considering that we have visited Palawan while summer is in it’s early stage, a lot of people are visiting the area (Filipinos and foreigners alike).

Komodo Dragon?


Paddle Boat Group


The Group Before Ours




Also make sure that if you will ride the paddle boat to tour the Underground River, take the front seats just like we did. My only problem is, “Are there crocodiles here?”. Fortunately, there were none but still I cant help to think that some random moment, something is snaking or swimming beside the paddle boat. Scary thought but that never happened. The hired tour guide for the Underground River is hilarious. So make sure to listen attentively to what the guide is saying. Though some says that next year, they will use audio guides (the ones you use while touring museum in other countries) instead of live tour guides. Honestly, I don’t know if that is a good idea or not but hopefully that will not affect the livelihood of the tour guides.

The View


Full tour of the The Underground River will last a whole day, so make sure to a lot a day for this tour and I guarantee that it is a must see!


This is just part 1 of our Palawan trip. Next stop: El Nido!

‘Til the next pose & post!