Cebu (Part 4): Virgin Island in Bantayan

Cebu is known to house some of the best beaches in the Philippines. Being a beach lover myself, I will never pass the chance to visit one of the beach spots gaining popularity in Cebu. I’ve heard about this place a couple of years back, thanks to one of my closest college friends who is a Cebuana but raised in Manila (which by the way you can visit her blog by clicking HERE). I’ve been waiting about this part of my Cebu trip and definitely an icing on top of a great trip we had.


For our last iterinary in Cebu, we went to Bantayan Island in Sta. Fe, Cebu. Bantayan Island has its own rustic charm as if time slows down when you are in this area. It is quickly gaining popularity among beach lovers and travellers alike. Though this is not a travel blog which normally gives directions and tips about the places I’ve visited, my blog is more of a personal online space for me to diary my travels and for the readers to find inspiration to travel as well. I’ll leave it to professionals to come-up with a legit travel blog.

The Virgin Island

Bantayan Island houses a lot nice beaches and even the beach front of Anika Beach Resort, where we stayed, boasts pristine white sands.



One of the orders of business is to visit Virgin Island. We hopped on a boat instead and visited Virgin Island.

This is The Virgin Island

With College Friends

I did not set any expectations for this visit in Virgin Island as I do not know that this small island exists or even part of our iterinary. I have to say that this is a must visit place in Bantayan.

White Sands


Virgin Island feels like you were castawayed from the busy society. Perfect place to get a tan, enjoy the white sands & clear water and just enjoy.

Getting A Tan and A Lot of Memories

Slow Down

Somewhere Out There

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A Renaissance Affair

First time to visit Provenance Art Gallery for “A Renaissance Affair”.

Illuminates by Thirdy Bustamante



“A Renaissance Affair” is a curated exhibit which features twenty Filipino artists. As the name of the exhibit suggests, it showcases Renaissance paintings and even have artifacts dating back from the 1800s.

Valerie Chua is quickly becoming one of my faves


Further Details

Provenance Art Gallery is at 2nd Level Shangri-La at The Fort in Taguig City. “A Renaissance Affair” runs until the 12th of March 2017.

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Cebu (Part 2): All Sorts of Water From The South

After the tiring early afternoon trek in Osmena Peak and seeing what the highest peak in Cebu can show, we are off to the first beach in Cebu, which is Moalboal.

I never really knew about Moalboal until I came here. Good thing that my friend Amor is actually from Cebu. Moalboal is located in the southwestern part of Cebu. Pristine white sands and rich underwater are the main selling points of this part of Cebu. Scuba diving, free diving and snorkeling are the activities to do in this part of Cebu.

Long Stretch

I’ll Trade Anything For This Moment

Since Moalboal is facing on the western part, this means great news – superb sunset. Yes, the sunset here is nice, divine, and breathtaking and all the adjectives I can think of. I always make it a point to see the sunset whenever I am on a vacation.

The Moalboal Sunset

The following day, we opted to go to one of the islands to see in the Moalboal area which is known as Pescador Island.  This part of Cebu boasts rich marine life that can match the best diving spots to all the places I’ve been to. I never tried scuba diving but by simple doing a free dive or snorkel, you can easily see the greatness needs to be seen just after you jumped off from the boat. I marked this as a must visit place to visit while in Cebu.

Memories Shared With Friends


Two Completely Different Worlds

I Love To Try Free Diving Soon

Are They Trying To Drown Me? 😂✌️

After a morning of sea salt, we headed straight to Kawasan Falls. Originally, I did not intend to join this part as you know, I rather be the passive type of traveler, but hey, thank goodness that I’ve given it a go. I never knew that I will have so much fun jumping from a 30-foot waterfall and hurt my butt off after. It was exhilarating yet fulfilling at the same time. We took so many pictures in Kawasan Falls but I honestly think GoPro is not my camera of choice. There are water splashes all over; pictures were out of focused so I guess this part of this vacation will hold dearly in my mind.


Kawasan Falls

Under The Veil

Damn, My Make-up’s Ruined! 😂

Literally a Concrete Jungle

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Ilocos (Part 2): South

The trip to Ilocos wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Southern Part of the province known as Ilocos Sur. We were not able to go around as much in Ilocos Sur as we did in Ilocos Norte and just decided to go straight to the heart or capital of Ilocos Sur which is Vigan City.


Kawaii In Vigan Signage


Sitting In Plaza Square


Vigan City is known as a heritage city because it houses the famed Calle Crisologo which is a street-full of old houses which makes you feel like you are transported back in the 1880s.


Calle Crisologo


Old Houses


Nice BG for OOTD Post

 I honestly think that this trip to Vigan is a some sort of a field trip though the difference is I now appreciate more these kind of trips to the museums and historic sites. I like looking at old artifacts and learn more about the history and heritage of the place. Putting that in mind, I will never pass on a chance to visit a museum. For this trip in Vigan, we visited three museums. If you love museums like me, Vigan is a must visit place then.


Looking At Old Books In Crisologo Museum


Mansion Turned Into A Museum, Syquia Mansion


Burgos National Museum


Resting From All Those Museum Walking


Afternoon In An Azotea

Last but not the least, the Bantay Bell Tower. Wow. I’ve visited and seen a lot of Bell Tower and Lighthouses all throught my trips in the Philippines but I can say for now that the Bantay Bell Tower tops my list. The place is packed with tourists locals and foreigners alike and I wish to come back when there are less people which I think is rare feat. Quite honestly, Bantay Bell Tower is not even part of our iterinary for this trip but decided the last minute to visit the place as recommended by the locals. Make sure to go inside the old tower and go up the watch tower and be captivated by the view of Vigan from above.




True Enough


Wind Blowing From All Directions


View From Bantay Bell Tower

 This wraps up my visit of the Ilocos province. I have been wanting to visit the province for so long and it was actually worth the travel to the North. I had so much fun seeing the cityscape, beach and heritage sites. I also had so much fun eating Ilocandia cuisine which I believe is one of the best in whole country, make sure to eat the famous empanada and try the variation from Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. Thanks Ilocos for the hospitality, this trip checks one of the places to visit in the Philippines.

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PS. To where next then?

Singapore (Part 2): Up in the ION Sky

After graffiti hunting in the artsy neighborhood of Haji Lane, we have decided tho visit one of the observation decks in Singapore. The country has never experienced scarcity of skyscrapers thus leading to observatory decks, one of the most popular would be the “ION Sky”. I think ION Sky is kind of new as even my friend who lived in Singapore for quite some time only learned it from me (or maybe he is too preoccupied with his work?).

ION Sky is in ION Orchard, one of the most popular mall in Singapore. Even though that this is my first trip in Singapore, I always hear ION and Orchard as the place to see and visit. Orchard is like the central hub of Singapore with all the malls, shops, restaurants , you name it.

ION Sky!


Tourist Orange in ION Sky


To get to ION Sky, or most probably the right term is ‘to ascend’, you need to go to the 4th level of ION Orchard and an express elevator will take you to the 54th floor. Yes, 54 floors up with non-stop elevator ride. Honestly, I didn’t feel any dizziness at all as you will not feel that the elevator is moving at all. The elevator box is all black, lights are dimmed and a soothing music plays in the background. Talk about distracting the senses.

Skies Are Blind


One you are in the ION Sky, it’s magical. You have a 360 view of Singapore and even be able to see the neighboring states of Malaysia and Indonesia. Perfect to go up in ION Sky if it is sunny but they said that going up during a rainy day is an experience as well. Well, I prefer sunny days than rainy days.

You Can Spy MBS From ION Sky


Malaysia is Just A Stone Throw Away – So Near.


Jasper’s Muni-muni Moment


I love ION Sky as I am always fascinated with clouds. Next time I’m in Singapore, I’ll make sure to catch the sunset in ION Sky. Well, if the schedule permits as ION Sky is only open from 3:00PM to 6:00PM and it only gets dark in Singapore around 7PM.


Fave Photo. ☺️


Says It All


Edited with VSCO: @orangediaz

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Singapore (Part 1): Haji Lane

It has been months since I’ve started planning this trip to Singapore. I need to correct myself, it has been years of planning and canceling and rebooking of flights because of a lot of things. Finally, the long overdue trip to Singapore has arrived. Finally!

Red Eye Flight to SG. Flying Alone


Coffee and Baggage in Changi

First day in the Singapore soil and my giddy feet wanted to go out so fast. First stop is Haji Lane.


Finally! We’ve Met, Haji Lane.

Haji Lane is known as the artsy and hippy neighborhood in Singapore.


Wall Art Everywhere




Quirky Things All Over Haji Lane

Decorated in all sorts of colors and graffiti, Haji Lane is a delight to the sense of sight. Different stores line up the streets from apparel stores, convenience stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

Shades of Blue

Hat Hunting

Selca and Coffee!

Our main agenda is to see all the graffiti in Haji Lane and it really doesn’t disappoint. Just one catch though, the YOLO wall art is no longer there as they changed it to some blank wall when we were there. Too bad though but hopefully they can come up with something “cooler” to paint on that wall.

Orange Wall


Sitting Pretty




Enough Said

All sorts of “kawaii” things all over the place. Even the stationary shops have the cutest little trinkets one can ask for. If you are looking for something cute to buy while in Singapore, Haji Lane is the place to be.




Some Sort of A Cute Character


This Somehow Reminds Me Of Miley Cyrus



This is just part one of my Singapore trip, more too see and discover. 


Haji Lane Will Be Haji Lane


Distinct Singaporean Architecture in Arab Lane

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Palawan (Part 3): The Perfect Spot

El Nido is a true paradise. Never have I ever been in love with such place before. Been to some of the best beaches in the Philippines but El Nido is completely on a different level (in my own opinion).

Postcard Ready Island

On the first day of our island hopping, one of the last islands we have visited that day is Pinagbuyutan Island. From afar, it screams “Come to me”. I have to say that Pinagbuyutan Island is my favorite place/ island in El Nido. This island is part of Tour B route, so make sure not to miss tour B and most importantly the island.


Walk At The Beach


Stop, Stare and Appreciate


Pinagbuyutan Island offers pristine, soft, powdery white sands that can be comparable to some of the world’s most famous beaches. Too bad that I haven’t really tried to enjoy the waters but based on what I’ve seen that day, shallow and crystal clear waters which is perfect for swimming (young and young at heart alike). Ok, I wasn’t able to enjoy the water because I was too excited to have my picture taken on almost all spots you can imagine. Anyways, as you probably know by now, I love going to the beach but it is very seldom that I get to swim or get wet. I’m more of a beach bum: the one who lays in the sands, have pictures taken, read a book than being the adventurous one and do sorts of water activities.



   Another added factor to the island’s charm is those coconut trees lined as if someone has meticulously measured the distance from one tree to another to create an organized chaos with trees. Those trees are just perfection and will always be in your mind as what summer is really all about.

Coconut Trees


Pinagbuyutan Island is picture perfect, ready to be captured by the camera or your senses anytime. Again, the island is my personal favorite in all of El Nido.


Selca Time, My Friends Are Kinda Busy Too




Picture Perfect


Mountainous Backdrop Of Pinagbuyutan


Heart And Smile


College Friends


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Palawan (Part 1): The River Under The Mountain

Palawan, known as Philippines’ final frontier and The World’s top island. It’s a pleasure to visit this wonderful province/ island in the western part of the Philippines. At least once in your life, you should visit this island. For this summer, me and college friends’ destination is this wonderful island paradise.

Colllege Friends: Me, Amor, Ehlaine, Lara and Doreen


Early Morning Flight: Manila’s City Lights


Started our journey to very early in the morning, 04:30AM to be exact. We booked the earliest flight to Palawan. It would only take a little more than an hour plane ride from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

The agenda is to enjoy the beach in El Nido but before we do so, we have decided to take a day tour to one of the New Wonders of the World, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park or more popularly known as “The Underground River”.

It is fascinating to know that even after less than 2 hours drive from Puerto Princesa city center, the Underground River is still part of Puerto Princesa. And believe me, two hours worth of drive in Palawan is a long drive as we never experienced traffic in that place. The journey to the Underground River is an experience as well as you will pass by some of the most fascinating natural wonders. From cliffs, seaside view, etc. If I would describe Palawan in one word, I will use the word “head-turner”.

Just A Pitstop to PPUR


If you are planning to visit the Underground River, make sure that you have secured a permit. They only limit a number of people each day to visit this place. Believe me, never attempt to go there as a walk-in tourist, you will just waste your time. Anyways, a lot of legit travel agencies can help you book your tour to the Underground River including transfers, permits, entrance tickets and food.

Aside from the van transfer, you will also ride a boat to the mouth of the Underground River.


Boat Transfer


Touchdown Underground River


Considering that we have visited Palawan while summer is in it’s early stage, a lot of people are visiting the area (Filipinos and foreigners alike).

Komodo Dragon?


Paddle Boat Group


The Group Before Ours




Also make sure that if you will ride the paddle boat to tour the Underground River, take the front seats just like we did. My only problem is, “Are there crocodiles here?”. Fortunately, there were none but still I cant help to think that some random moment, something is snaking or swimming beside the paddle boat. Scary thought but that never happened. The hired tour guide for the Underground River is hilarious. So make sure to listen attentively to what the guide is saying. Though some says that next year, they will use audio guides (the ones you use while touring museum in other countries) instead of live tour guides. Honestly, I don’t know if that is a good idea or not but hopefully that will not affect the livelihood of the tour guides.

The View


Full tour of the The Underground River will last a whole day, so make sure to a lot a day for this tour and I guarantee that it is a must see!


This is just part 1 of our Palawan trip. Next stop: El Nido!

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Baler (Part 3): The Falls and The Tree

You would have thought by now that I am not a very adventurous person. Rather bum in the beach and get a tan than do treks to go to some hidden areas. When the idea of doing of a 30 to 45 minute walk to a popular area in Baler, I had my doubts and hesitations. At back of my mind, will I really be able to do it? Will I enjoy it? Heck, still young why not do it! So we did it, walk-slash-trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls.

Ditumabo Mother Falls is a spectacular place to visit. Even the fact that it was tiring after the long walk in wet mountainside, slippery stones and raging waters, it was worth it.


Panoramic View To Mother Falls


Flowers Everywhere

On the way to the falls, we even passed by some elderly people coming down from the falls. So, I thought it was not really that tiring but again I was proven wrong. But once you have a glimpse of the falls, you will definitely be enticed to dip in the water. By the way, we originally planned that once we see the waterfalls, we will immediately go down. In our case, it didn’t happen. We did some swimming in the cold but refreshing waters and enjoyed it to almost the time they are closing the falls. We can say that we were the last visitors of the falls for that day.


Mini Falls

On the way down from the falls, me and my best friend keep on asking why the falls was called “Mother Falls”? Is “Father Falls” just somewhere hiding, how about the children falls, etc. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the answers to our questions.


Dipping In The Falls


It was almost dark, when we reached the famed “Millennium Tree”. Though the tree is not specifically located in the town of Baler, the Millennium Tree is one of the most visited attractions while in Baler. It a humongous, big tree said to be more than 300 plus years old. You could actually go inside the tree but again my being “not adventurous” kicked in. I think I had enough adrenaline hormone while trekking earlier that is why I skipped in that part. I gladly enjoyed my solace doing selcas using timer in my camera while my best friend gone inside the tree and enjoyed it. Too bad it was getting really dark when we arrived at the Millennium Tree. My advice: go visit the tree during afternoon. You’ll have better lighting and the scorching heat of the afternoon sun would not hurt you as you will be under the shade of a very big tree.


That Tree!


Kawaii In Baler

Now I perfectly understand the beauty of Baler. It does not only offer the beach but wonders of nature in all forms. You thought that ends my Baler summer series? Not yet! Stay tuned! More Baler posts soon.

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Baler (Part 2): Soft Spot for Rock Formations

I never thought that Baler offers a lot of places to visit. Only learned about this sleepy town a couple of years back because of the influx of surfing in the Philippines, and of course with the help of social media. I know I went to History and Geography class back in high school but I guess there wasn’t much of focus on this province or more specifically to this town.

Aside from the fact that Baler has a great beach for surfing, which is very known for, the town also has some great quiet beaches just perfect for beach bumming and long walks in the sands. That brings us to Aniao Islets and Diguisit Bay & Rock Formation. It would take you a roughly 10-15 minutes drive from Ermita Hill to reach this very spectacular beach. Going there is a sight to see as you have an unobstructive view of the Pacific Ocean.


Pacific Ocean



“Wow” – that is the first thing I said when we arrived in Aniao Islets.


It’s A Lonely Planet Indeed


Diguisit Bay


By The Rocks


The area also has a swimming pool when you get tired of the salty water. The pool area also comes with beach chairs/ lounge area which you use when you want to chill by the pool area reading a book or whatever you have in mind.


Enjoying The Pool Area




Pure Happiness


Seeing Double


I admit that I went all gaga with taking photos as the place really gives you a very good backdrop for your OOTDs and landscape photos.


Cloudless Sky!


Without Black, No Color Has Any Depth


Lucky enough that when we went there, there are only a handful of tourists visiting. So most of the time, it seemed that we had the whole place on our own. Never mind that afternoon sun, we need to have as much photos and fun under the sun.


Cue Red Velvet’s Song ~ “Happiness”


Attempt To Dip

Baler really has a lot to offer. Even though surfing is not your thing like I do, there are a lot of things you can do while in Baler. There still a lot waiting for my Baler series, so better watch out! 




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