Art Fair Philippines 2018

February to March has always been a special part of the year for me. As a child, I am most excited about this part of the year because of the summer vacation.

Also, maybe because it signals the start of the year for me to start afresh and get more inspiration for the coming year. Speaking of inspiration, what better way to get inspiration is from seeing beautiful art and just flood my sense of sight with all the beauty and non-coordination in the form of art.

Second time to attend ArtFair Philippines and the visuals are as shocking and pleasantly surprised at the same time. Every corner of the fair boosts great pieces both from local artists and internationals alike.

For this year’s ArtFair, we decided to visit the fair on a Friday which I think is a good idea. Last time, we went there on a Saturday and it was so jam packed, like literally they stopped the admission sometime after we went in. This year though, you need to buy your ticket ahead of time and choose a schedule that suits your liking the best. Like I said, we booked a Friday schedule and we opt to get the latest timed entrance. This year, we had more time to really go around and feast our eyes with visual treats.

My highlights for this year’s artfair, I got a chance to go face to face with a Yayoi Kusama art pieces. I was so “kilig” with looking at it personally as I was an instant fan when I read about her artwork maybe 5 years back and this was the very first time that I got the chance to see her artwork with my own eyes. In case you do not know Yayoi Kusama, she is the one behind the Infinity Mirrors exhibition that went around the world and hopefully she can bring it here in the Philippines. There was an exhibition last year in Singapore and I totally do not have the time to fly to Singapore at that time and that was my biggest regret last year.

For the local ones, my total favorite was the series made by Yeo Kaa titled “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry”. Does it sound like a Super Junior song?😊 I came across Yeo Kaa from last year’s ArtFair and immediately liked her aesthetic. She uses pastels on all her medium, but the theme is so dark that her artworks shows depression, anxiety and other emotions. To sum it up in one word: Melancholy. You can also see all her great artworks on her Instagram page @yeokaa .

Another one that brings home the bacon for me is this artwork entitled “Inception of Life” by Roy Dwi Antonio.

I promise to visit and support our local ArtFair (and artists) and hopefully to visit more artfairs in our neighboring countries soon. I am eyeing Art Basel in HK, Tokyo Art Fair and Korean International Art Fair.

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ArtFair Philippines 2017

First time to attend Art Fair Philippines. I have been wanting to see this yearly event in The Link, Ayala but it’s either I have a different plan on the same date or I don’t have someone to join me in Art Fair.

13 Reasons Tapes

Not Even Perfect

For 2017, I made sure that I will be able attend the fair and I was not disappointed. The place which was originally a parking building housed a lot of art that entices the senses. There are even installations and interactive pieces that you can touch and play around. What I really enjoyed the most is that the fair showcased variety of art that appeals to different people.

This Art Gives Some Major Red Velvet Vibe

Shadow Play


Here are some of my favorites:

My Fave Color and My Name


Black Pink In Your Area

My New Fave Artist – Yeooka

Cat Lady

Black and White Versus Colored

I will definitely be back next year. Thanks to my unnie Sherwin for accompanying me to this art fair, I’ll drag you again next year!

With Unnie

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Amnesia by Takahiro Hirabayashi – This My Ultimate Fave Piece from This Year’s ArtFair

A Renaissance Affair

First time to visit Provenance Art Gallery for “A Renaissance Affair”.

Illuminates by Thirdy Bustamante



“A Renaissance Affair” is a curated exhibit which features twenty Filipino artists. As the name of the exhibit suggests, it showcases Renaissance paintings and even have artifacts dating back from the 1800s.

Valerie Chua is quickly becoming one of my faves


Further Details

Provenance Art Gallery is at 2nd Level Shangri-La at The Fort in Taguig City. “A Renaissance Affair” runs until the 12th of March 2017.

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Field Trip: Pinto Art

I promised that I will be visiting as much art galleries and museums in the Philippines. Aside from the fact that museums offer the best backdrop for my OOTD shot and a whole set of interesting photos you can add to your Instagram account, there is something more that a museum offers. I can’t explain it but I feel so serene when visiting one.

The Pinto Art






Before the year of 2015 ended, me and my college friends paid a visit to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. I been wanting to visit this art gallery-slash-museum for the longest and have to say that it never failed my expectations. More to that, I even wanted to visit more museum, art galleries and art fair this 2016.

My Fave Photo of Me In Pinto Art


Happiness is Walking in a Room Full of Arts


Casually Sitting and Someone Staring At Me


Part of Painting


Follow That Unicorn


Pinto Art Museum is a place where different art (installation, sculpture and painting) are put into exhibition for the eyes of both art enthusiasts and art lovers. You don’t need to be an art expert to enjoy a day trip to this museum. Pinto Art is definitely for everyone.

Not So Secret Garden


White Washed Walls and Fresh Air


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Some Art For Ya!

Growing up, I’m not really the most artsy person in class. Well, to be honest, I hate art classes. For me back then, they are the most boring class that I need to take. I really dont see the sense of taking those classes. Until one day…

I discovered doodles. For me doodle is an art where you just draw anything that comes to your mind. I find doodling as an excuse to work your hands while you are in a class or meeting and you are bored to death. I don’t know but for me whenever I am dead bored in a team meeting, I just doodle and it helps me focus more on what is being discussed.


The art of doodling (If ever we can consider it as an art, nevertheless) is just perfect for me. Simply grab a colored pen and a clean sheet of paper and I can doodle myself out of boredom.

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Subspace Coffeehouse

I really wanted to go to some artsy coffee shops for quite some time now but they are not here in Manila nor in my country. I know, I am an east asian junkie (but hey, Philippines can be sometime be considered East Asia ~ am I right?), and whenever I watch those Japanese or Korean lifestyle travel shows from Arirang and NHK, I want to try those very quaint, not crowded, very authentic and artsy coffee shops and viola one opened in my favorite district in Metro Manila, Ortigas Centre.

My fascination with Japanese/ Korean culture and coffee is a perfect marriage that can be seen in “Subspace Coffeehouse”. This coffee house concept in Manila is relatively new because we Filipinos tend to go to  commercialized Starbucks, Caffe Bene or CBTL for our coffee indulgence. When you enter Subspace you will be awed with the interior. It is not that spacey and the clutter of random design/ furniture is thrown all around. Just enough room for walking area and it is not really designed to queue just like in Starbucks. If it is less crowded meaning you can enjoy more chika time with your friends which what we did yesterday. Even the playlist is very K-Pop because I happened to hear some Big Bang songs though no 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” in their playlist.


And here’s what I ordered:



That’s the Purple Potato Latte. In Tagalog, is it “kamote” or is it “ube”? Anyways it is heaven although I should have said to had it in extra hot because I want my coffee extra hot. Look at the artwork they added, it was fantastic. I even noticed that the artwork for each order is different. Ain’t that really nice? I had some light snack as well, and I ordered the very sumptous lemon bars. My friend ordered the Peanut Butter Latte, which is ok for me but I prefer what I ordered.

Here are some more pics to enjoy:




The view of Ortigas Road from the inside of the shop:


And of course I asked my friend to take a picture of me with this ala K-Drama. He said that it is like a “waiting in vain” scene from a K-Drama.



And finally this is so cute that I have to squeeze this picture in. I noticed this on the way out:


Enjoy your coffee!

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