Black and Casual

As you have known by now, I am big fan of black. Black is among one of the colors that looks great with any colors.


Black Wall with Pink Details

Since it has been a long time since I had an outfit post, I decided to go all out black for this outfit post. I’ve decided to go all casual and all black. Used this ensemble for an afternoon catch-up with friends. Also recently, I’ve been very attracted to anything Disney related specifically Mickey Mouse. Good thing that one of my most faverite fast fashion labels, Uniqlo, always have these collaboration with Disney.

Who Is The Sweeter One?

Cutie Look In Black

This is also the first outfit post with darker hair color in like two or three years. I will let do a blogpost about my DIY hair color adventure soon, so please stay tuned!

Disney Black Shirt from Uniqlo. Black Sneakers from New Balance.


‘Til the next pose & post!


Stripes Me Up

What it is with stripes that I always tend to buy a lot of those? I really don’t know but what I am sure of is whenever I step on a store my feet will be on autopilot and will lead me directly to the stripes section/area. You can always rely on those classic lines if you are planning your ensembles for a vacation or simply for a day’s outfit. Vacation always comes in mind when you talk about stripes as it is very synonymous with nautical aesthetic. Well, thank you Popeye the Sailor Man.

What I love about stripes is it never goes out of style. We can consider it as a  forever staple (if such term exists?). Remember Breakfast at Tifanny’s? That was in the early 60s and Audrey Hepburn was rocking the stripes ensemble like it was 2014. How I love the great Audrey Hepburn!


Thin Stripes And Black & White Combo

For this coordinate, the stripes long sleeves is from UNIQLO. Thights is from BODY MUSIC.


Stripes Me Up!

Way before Uniqlo was available in Manila, my aunt used to ship this brand straight from Japan. I remember my very first Uniqlo piece, it was a snow white pullover which by the way, I still use especially during the -ber months. Body Music is a local sportwear-slash-athletic brand, which is available at Landmark and Crossing’s Department Store, is actually my to go brand for leggings and thights.

I really love how blacks and whites interact with each other. Those colors are perfectly made for each other, don’t you agree?


Where's My Date?


Kawaii While On Stripes

‘Til the next pose & post!

Out To Play

Recently, we have been experiencing a bi-polar weather condition. Raining hard one hour then sun shining the next. It’s hard to keep up and plan your outfit for the day.

For a day out with my college bestfriend who recently returned home from abroad, I wore something comfortable and adaptable to the ever changing environment. It needs to be comfortable because I foresee that we will do some area hopping (Yes we did, from Greenhills to Ortigas to Mandaluyong to Ortigas).


The Dogs and Leopard Are Out To Play

Top is from Harajuku brand WEGO. Bottom black shorts from UNIQLO. Boots from MILANO. Leopard print bag from Italian brand OVS.


If you notice, almost no hint of accessories except for the statement ring-slash-watch for I am going for a lazy day and “not-so-put up” look. I promise that on my next few outfit posts, I will incorporate accessories again. I need to do some major accessories shopping soon. I need to know new accessories shops so please let me know and shoot me an email at orangediaz28@gmail.com . I need your help with accessories hunting.


Taken at the NEW Subspace Coffee

I am the type of person who prefers sunny days over rainy days. So hopefully, the weather improves in the next couple of days and wishing that it is summer in Manila right now just like in Tokyo.

Some side photos: me and my college best friend goofing around with pictures (as we termed it “photofest”). Mwah!


Bestfriends since college freshmen days


Kawaii Overload

‘Til the next pose and post!

Cloudy With A Touch of Emoda

“It rained. Hard. And I thought I was fully prepped for the weather. Then I was so wrong”

It was a Sunday morning and Typhoon Gorio is busy strolling in Manila and I decided to make it a special day, instead of being gloomy, cooperating with the weather. Then the unexpected turn of events ~ the sun is actually present. I thought that I’ll make this Sunday really special because I decided to wear Emoda or atleast one garment from Emoda. For those who doesnt know Emoda, it is actually a Japanese apparel high street shop (which I only learned about around 6 months now),  and is quite popular with bloggers and lookbook users. So you might ask, how I managed to grab one if I am not from Japan? Emoda actually has an online shop which deliver to Manila etc. It offers both classic wear and some very girlish stuff. And another good thing is, their garments are quite reasonably priced and well tailored.


Anyhow, I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for the last couple of weeks because of busy schedue and early morning call time. Aside from that, I happened to discover the wonder of eBooks. I know, eBooks have been there for quite sometime but it was actually my first time to appreciate it. I’ve been known to be a traditional book lover and I even tweeted this:

Going back to my outfit for the day, sweater is from Uniqlo. That one is quite an old one. I had those for like two years now but rarely have the chance to wear it because it is kind of warm. So I save it supposedly for weather like last weekend’s. The bottom is from Emoda. That is quite a staple from their online store because I bought it like 4 months ago and this is the first time I wore it, and the last time I visit their website like around a month ago to do some online window shopping it was still up for purchase. What Im thinking is they are still feauturing fall winter collection on their website. For the shoes, I opted to wear Japanese inspired loafers from Parisian X Rajo Laurel. I’ve just noticed when doing my final copy edit that Uniqlo and Emoda are both Japanese brands. I really hope that I will be able to visit or live in Japan soon ( special mention to Tita, *laughs). I think I will be very broke if I live in Japan. Hello shopping!?


Til the next pose & post!

PS. I am loving the Korean TV reality show “We Got Married: Global Edition” on Animax. I’m actually watching it and laughing and so kilig while finishing this entry. Very random but I just want to share.

Again, Til the next pose & post!