Movie Diary

Perk Me Up

I hate the feeling of being sick. I cant do what I usually want to do for the day. It makes me wanna go home asap and lay in bed and sleep and be a bum. But what really perks you up when you are sick (or feeling sick?)? For some it might be tons of chocolates, some might say milktea? For me, it’s actually watching my favorite movie of all time ~ “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. For me that movie is so magical. The opening scene is just so perfect. You wished you lived from that era wearing the best clothes and eating croissant (or whatever bread it is) while glancing at Tiffany’s & Co. window display. In my opinion, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is so perfect that I will not get tired watching it everyday.


I dont really know what’s with that movie but it has it’s instant perk-me-up effect on me. That is the essence of a favorite movie, it lightens your mood even you are sickest to your bones.

So what’s your fave movie that has a great effect on you?

So what’s next? I need a good laugh and I will be perfect again.☆

Till the next pose & post!