Month: February 2015

Orange’s Wear-abouts and Musings Turns Two!

I cant believe that it has been two years since I’ve started Orange’s Wear-abouts and Musings. I started wanting to create a space where I can chronicle my style, life and travel.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who makes an effort to read my blog, hope you enjoyed my previous entries and I promise to be better and work harder for this blog.

Exactly two years ago:


Let me open a little bit more and make it a little more personal. Here are fifteen things you might not know about me:

1. Orange is not my favorite color but instead my mom’s. In fact, I have a older brother nicknamed “Red”. So you get it, my mom’s favorite colors (personified).

2. Orange’s Wear-abouts and Musings is my second blog. I’ve tried blogging in 2008 after I finished college. Let’s say at that time, I still do not know yet how I want my blog to be like. I am very thankful for my first blog as I was able to learn a lot and apply it to Orange’s Wear-abouts and Musings.

3. Finished college with a course not related to Fashion or Travel. I finished nursing course and I am a registered nurse.

4. Since I was a child, I remember asking my mom that I want to be a journalist when I grow-up. Starting this blog is actually like a dream come true. I am able to write and style myself which are two of my passions.

5. My aesthetic you might ask? Asian street style. Japanese culture has been a big influence to my style. Growing up watching anime, playing video games and being exposed to all things Japanese have been impacting to my life. If I remember my Psychology class, 40% of what you are right now were groomed when you are at your 0 to 8 years old.

6. Always have a soft spot for psychology. It is my favorite subject in college. Even asked my mom if I can even shift courses.

7. Single and not looking. Not a fan of dating apps. Hahahaha. Always believe that it will come at the right moment.

8. Dream vacation: Japan. Hopefully this year or next year.

9. When you talk about Japan, only one character comes in mind. Hello Kitty. Unfortunately, she is not my favorite Sanrio character. I always and will love Bad Badtz Maru!

10. Growing up, my favorite show is Sailor Moon and my favorite character is Sailor Neptune. Always classy and quiet. As an adult, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. Carrie Bradshaw and Blair Waldorf are my forever telly style icons.

11. I don’t party (anymore). So you will rarely see me out on a Saturday night. I don’t smoke and the last alcoholic drink I had (except for wine/ champagne for the Holidays) was like a year ago. Boring, right?

12. Always a bookworm. I love reading anything. My favorite books growing up are the Baby Sitter’s Club series. Right now my faves are Twilight Saga and Shopaholic Series.

13. I love KPop songs. Whether I understand them or not.

14. I have never rode a ferry boat and have never rode an airplane alone.

15. Lady GaGa is my favorite artist of all-time. A little monster here.

Cheers to more blog entries. More style blog means more OOTDs, more travel entries (i really want to travel all around the Philippines then the world soon.)

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‘Til the next pose & post!


Baguio (Part 3): Afternoon Ride Around The Town

We made sure that our first day is jam-packed. From our morning walk to museum in the walk, and now to our afternoon walk in the city. Actually, it is more of an afternoon ride instead of an afternoon walk. After we left off from the BenCab Museum, we decided to hit the famous places in Baguio City.

First order of business for our afternoon ride is the Lourdes Grotto. You need to climb those steps and hey it is indeed a climb. I think there are more or less 150+ steps (and I lost count in the middle of it).




At the very top of the stairs, you’ll see of course the Grotto. Also, you’ll get a good vantage point of the city. It’s so breathtaking to see the city up and above. I bet it looks magical in the evening when Baguio City is all bright and alight. By the way, I don’t know if the grotto is open in the evenings.


Next stop is the Dominican Hill and Retreat House. It is actually a heritage site in the Cordillera region. The space was known formerly as Diplomat Hotel. By the name of it, it give me chills as Diplomat Hotel was (is still) known as a haunted area. Spooky right? The place really gives that spooky and scary vibe especially when we entered the main building. Good timing as that time, there was a seminar for a religious group and there were a lot of people.


Despite that Diplomat Hotel has that scary vibe, I took tons of pictures inside. The ruined look of the hotel is a nice backdrop. It gives the appeal of a glossy magazine editorial. And hey, my outfit blends well with the vibe of this area.

We were able to stay long enough to take enough photos. Mostly, I am the reason why we took so much time as I need to get the perfect shot for my OOTD post (Read more about my OOTD post HERE).



After a very quick rest and super quick lunch as we were starving. We headed straight to Wright Park. Ok, I really don’t like horses especially horses in neon colored mane and tail. Oh, it stinks so much because of the horses. I don’t mean to complain but I just want to give you a heads-up.

As a result, we walked-slash-climbed the stairs (our second staircase) to get away from the horse-y smell. At the top of Wright Park is a peaceful garden, a complete contrast of the chaotic zoo-like atmosphere below. We stayed and seated at some stone chairs up there for quite some time. Fix ourselves and selcas, etc. What I love about Baguio is even in the middle of the afternoon, the air feels clean and a little cold.

Of all the scenic photos I have taken in Baguio, my favorite is this photo taken in Wright Park facing The Mansion. It looks like you are staring in a perfect painting, even in real life.

The Mansion is actually the Malacanang Palace of Baguio City. Whenever the President visits the City of Pines, this would be the official residence of the head of state. If the president is in The Mansion, you can’t enter the grandeur gate. Another perfect timing for us, we were able to get inside the gate. Look at the design, still so Christmas-y (this trip was back in November!).



After driving around, getting lost in the process and asking for directions over and over, we’ve reached our next destination: Cemetery of Negativism. This cemetery is not a real one but an ironic park of looking at human’s miseries and negativism. To be honest, you need to be extra witty to get some of the jokes and appreciate what is written in the tablets.








Just a stone throw away is the Bell House. Ok, I don’t know how to describe this place. One word: Perfect! There are a lot of corners you can do your OOTD pics and your dramatic posts. Bell House is actually a house that can be used for different functions. It’s huge and the best part of the house is the balcony which is very American in aesthetic.


Bell House has a garden which is a must see site in Baguio. Aptly called Bell Amphitheater. It is an amphitheater full of flowers! I super dig this place! Best time to visit, if you may ask me? Afternoons and during springtime. Philippines doesn’t have spring season but whatever time or month when flowers bloom. Anyways, Baguio has blooming flowers all-year round.





Before leaving Bell House, a selfie with Amor. I wonder where is Ehlaine? Probably taking more photos than what I have.

My travel diary of Baguio ends here. Just joking, this is just the first day of my Baguio trip. More travel diaries for our second day in Baguio so better stay tuned!

‘Til the next pose & post! 😊

Prelude for Summer

Early call time, chilly mornings and long trip to beach – those exactly described our second day in Baler. Coincidentally, it was also my birthday. That trip to Baler was actually the first time that I celebrated or more appropriately, spent it out of town on a vacation. Don’t worry, the day after our Baler trip, I was able to properly celebrated a private birthday party with my loved ones.

January is a month when the mornings are above the usual chilly conditions and less people are going to the beach. I always prefer going to a beach when there are less people. Though if you ask me like three or four years ago, I prefer the crowded one and a blissful nightlife by the shore. Well, people can change or this maybe a sign of maturity ( i was supposed to put in “sign of aging”).


I was all prepped for our second day of sightseeing in Baler with my coordinate.


Knitted cardigan is from H&M, sleeveless top from Uniqlo and denim shorts from Cotton On.

Hype this look in Lookbook

‘Til the next pose and post!

My Essentials: Long Drives and Travel Time

Living in a country where long travels are norms to get to perfect vacation spot, I’ve been asked multiple times what are my essentials for those long travel time. For me, I want to take advantage of the long drive to make me picture perfect once I touchdown on my travel spot. So to say, you will take a peek in my travel purse and what needs to do before anything else.

Most of the time, you will find yourself arriving in a a foreign airport and clueless on what to do. Am I correct? To save time and hassle what better way is to plan your arrival with making prior arrangements. The most common thing to always take note is making arrangements with land transportation. Companies like RelayRides, which is widely available in the United States, can provide ride arrangement for you. By making prior arrangements, 100% availability of your ride is guaranteed. You don’t need to wait in a long queue or dash to the next available cab or taxi. These rides can bring you to your hotel accommodation, bus terminal, train station or maybe directly to your vacation spot. Simple, easy and very much in style. Feel free to visit RelayRides’ website and choose from the diverse options RelayRides have for car rentals.

Long travel time is very exhausting. Who wants to look tired once they arrive in their vacation paradise? My number is one essential is water. Yes, a simple as it may sound but most of the time we always forget to pack one for long travels. Water hydrates us and if we are properly hydrated, our complexion will look better, our eyes are not puffed and overall you will look better. Who would have noticed that you travelled for 6 hours with a very hydrated healthy complexion?

Whenever I am on an out of town trip, there is this one thing that is always on my “to bring” list. I always make sure that I have at least three masks to bring along. Mask? Not the one you are thinking, but to be exact opposite they are called facial sheet masks. Facial sheet masks come in different variety and have different specialties. Some may help with the acne, some for extra moisture and the list goes on and on. It’s up to you which one to use. Normally, I use facial masks on transit to my vacation spot. Just leave it on your face for 20-30 mins and it will give you an instant glow. Facial masks are compact and very affordable.

Aside from facial masks, one cosmetic wonder I always pack for long travels is the BB Cream. I don’t know exactly if BB stands for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”. Anyways, BB creams can substitute for all the make-up you left at home. One tool can make wonder for 5 make-up, now that’s wonderful!

Lastly, for all those long travels, I can assure you that there would be those Instagram-worthy views. Maybe the slopping valleys, the almost abandoned highway, clouds in the sky, you name it. To capture those very insta-moments, you need your smartphone! Nowadays, we don’t just use phones for texting and calling but there are a thousand ways to use them. There are even some smartphones, who can rival the shooting capabilities of some cameras.

There goes my list of essentials whenever I travel specially for long drives. And of course after that long drive, it’s time for you to enjoy your vacation.

‘Til the next pose & post!