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It’s All About Showing Up A Face

Ok, I know that I am no beauty/ makeup expert but taking care of myself is a priority nowadays. For the last few months, I been obsessing to achieving a youthful and clean skin. I start caring more for my body and skin. To keep it really simple, I started living a way healthier lifestyle compared to the last few years. I can even feel that I am way healthier and younger now compared to like around 2-3 years ago. Let’s say that once you grow maturer (I don’t like the word “older”), the way more you take care of yourself.

This post is all about my current obsession with skin care. Yes, all about skin care. Nowadays, heaps of Korean skin care brands are sprouting all around the country. I tried a number of them and I can say that I have a perfect match with “Nature Republic”. I happened to come across Nature Republic like maybe two or three months ago. And I have been a loyal customer of the cosmetic/skin care giant from South Korea.

To start off, my favorite facial cleanser is Nature Republic Soft Creamy Milk Foam Cleanser. This particular foam cleanser has milk. It does great with cleansing my face and removing CC or BB creams (and makeup) at night. I even noticed that some of my blemishes that I had from my old facial wash has disappeared or decresed in size. This facial foam has a makeup remover variety which I am planning to buy on my next trip to Nature Republic.


Who would not think of Nature Republic without thinking of their signature product which is the “Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel”. Which by the way according to their adverts that it is an all around moisturizer which you can use on your face or body. Mainly I use this product as a shower moisturizer or night leave-on on my body post wax/shave. I tried to use it as well as a facial primer for pre-CC or BB cream application in the morning. I noticed that if I use this as primer, my creams stay longer than the usual and no retouch necessary during lunch breaks.


As part of my nightly ritual I use a product called power ampoule. While shopping, I came across the essence version of the power ampule. To be honest, I dont know the difference between the two but both promise the same effect. “Original Power: Blemish Ampoule” gave me a clearer skin. It contains tea tree oil which is a blemish remover. I had this very nasty zit like 2 weeks ago, and I started using this ampoule and drastically, the zit decreased in size and redness. As of this writing, the product gave me a clearer, more transparent skin. The more you use this product, the better result it will give you.


As for my hair, I am currently so obsessed with hair sprays. I have four cans at home and two are left unopened. I am currently using “Etude House Sweet & Style Hairspray” and “Nature Republic Hair and Nature Self Styling Hair Spray”. Both has a very distinctly fresh smell which is very far from the 90s hairspays. Both are saying made from all natural ingedients. The former is quite hard to find from Etude House because it is always out of stock. While the latter, Nature Republic store attendant keeps on saying that it is the product that always out stock. She even said that I was lucky to purchase one because once they restock in the morning all are gone before 6PM. So, I believe that both are bestsellers. Who wouldnt want their hair smell like candy infused with fragrant flower and will stay on that style for 12+ hours? I usually use the hairspay when I want that brushed-up look for the day.


For CC creams, I am curently using Nature Republic Super Origin Tinted. For BB, I am using local brand Shawill Collagen BB Cream and South Korean giant Etude House’s Moistfull BB cream.

It is so nice to use these products, what I am loving with these products is the claim that they are “au naturale”. I am so envious with Japanese and Korean celebrity skin. They are so translucent, clear, and always video & picture perfect.

These are the products that work well on me. It doesnt necessarily mean that it will work great with everyone else. It’s important that you know what works best for you. And of course, pair your skin care regimen with healthy lifestyle: sleep atleast 6-8 hours a day, drink tons of water, stop smoking, less alcohol intake and most importantly, smile and be genuinely happy.


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Til the next pose & post!

*This is not a paid post, I genuinely loving and using all the products stated above.