Month: March 2015

Summer Diaries

I can’t really hide my excitement. For the next couple of weeks, I will be starting my summer diary series. Summer is always and will always be my favorite season. As if I have that much choice, we only have dry and wet season. Maybe if we have Autumn here in my country, I might change my mind. 

 Phase 1 of my summer series is already done and quite honestly up until now, I will not be able to say how many phases there would be. Maybe, 4 phases-slash-travel diaries?

 So, this is the perfect time to get a tan and enjoy what our tropical country can offer.

Summer, It Is! ~ Summer 2015!

”Til the next pose and post!


Baguio (Part 4): Blooms and Temple

For our last day in Baguio, we have three places we want to visit. We started the day early as we originally planned to arrive in Manila at around 08:00 or 09:00 PM.

We started with the famed Strawberry Farm. Though we visited Baguio when strawberries are not on their prime “harvest” time, we still pushed through with visiting Strawberry Farm.

Ironically, I wasn’t able to buy strawberries instead I find the other products they are selling outside the farm more amusing. The Strawberry Farm was getting a lot of attention at that time as one of the most popular primetime show was filmed in Baguio and the vendors are even referring to the TV series to sell their stuff. Like I’ve heard heart shaped or is is twin strawberry, etc. Even though I wasn’t really that updated with local TV series, I commend the TV series for boosting domestic tourism in our country. I honestly think that we need more of those tourism plugs whether in TV series, documentary, movie or whatever medium it is.

Second order for the day is to visit Bahong Rose Farm. Not quite a popular spot right now but slowly making a name in the tourism spot in Baguio. Actually, Bahong Rose Farm is located in La Trinidad province, tucked in a valley away from all thoroughfares of Baguio City. More or less 1 hour drive out of the city proper of Baguio and 30 minute drive from Strawberry Farm. I love this place and promise to go back once I have the chance to visit Baguio again.

Provided that at the time we visited the farm, they just harvested the roses and flowers like two weeks before but I was still mesmerized by the place. You can appreciate different flowers being raised by the farmers. Just an FYI, 80% of the flowers used in Panagbenga Festival came from Bahong.

According to the locals, the best time to visit Bahong Rose Farm is two weeks to one month before the Panagbenga Festival. Just the time before they harvest the flowers for the festivities when all flowers are in their most gracious forms.

Final stop before we head back to Manila is the Bell Church. Bell Church is a Buddhist Temple in the outskirts of Baguio City. Everything here is so zen. You can feel the solemnity and peacefulness of the temple. If you remember, this is where I took one of my OOTD shots for this Baguio trip. I recently find myself appreciating church and temple architectures.

If you remember my OOTD post in Bell Church?

That pretty much sums up our Baguio trip last November 2014. I am planning to go back to Baguio maybe the third quarter of this year. My mom really wanted to visit Baguio as she spent some of her growing up years in Baguio City. I really want to visit more places, drink more coffee, try different cuisine Baguio offers and post more OOTD posts like it’s forever Autumn. Baguio is the only excuse in this tropical country to dress up like we have Fall season here in the Philippines.

Thank You For The Best Experience, Baguio!

After the long day of visiting the different places in La Trinidad and Baguio, we had our last meal in Vizco’s. Their cakes are to die for!

Different Vizco’s Cakes As Goodbye Treat

Before we head back to our hotel to quickly fix our bags, we walked some more to some places in the city.

Officially, my Baguio travel diary has ended. Like I said, I am planning to go back and explore the city more. More travel like this for me this year and summer diaries are coming really soon so better watch out.

‘Til the next pose & post!