Black Is My Happy Color

No surprises, once again I am wearing black for our weekend walk/visit in Intramuros, Manila.

Black is a staple color in my closet and what really nice with this color is it never go out of trend. You can easily match it with any color.

Casa Manila

No matter what color you wear, what’s most important is you are comfortable of what you are wearing. We have different definition of comfortable, some define it as cmfy itself and while others might define it of showing who they truly are. You have to find a style that fits you make sure that it represents who you are.

Black By The Fountain

Top from H&M. Shoes from Milano’s. Canvas Bag from Outlines.

My Happy Color

I stumbled upon Outlines.ln ‘s  Instagram page and instantly fell in love with their aesthetic especially their black canvas bags. I am instantly a fan and will look forward to my next purchase with them. You can check their IG page by clicking HERE.

Rose Tote Bag from Outlines

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ArtFair Philippines 2017

First time to attend Art Fair Philippines. I have been wanting to see this yearly event in The Link, Ayala but it’s either I have a different plan on the same date or I don’t have someone to join me in Art Fair.

13 Reasons Tapes

Not Even Perfect

For 2017, I made sure that I will be able attend the fair and I was not disappointed. The place which was originally a parking building housed a lot of art that entices the senses. There are even installations and interactive pieces that you can touch and play around. What I really enjoyed the most is that the fair showcased variety of art that appeals to different people.

This Art Gives Some Major Red Velvet Vibe

Shadow Play


Here are some of my favorites:

My Fave Color and My Name


Black Pink In Your Area

My New Fave Artist – Yeooka

Cat Lady

Black and White Versus Colored

I will definitely be back next year. Thanks to my unnie Sherwin for accompanying me to this art fair, I’ll drag you again next year!

With Unnie

‘Til the next pose & post!

Amnesia by Takahiro Hirabayashi – This My Ultimate Fave Piece from This Year’s ArtFair

Summer and Stripes

After so much time, I got the chance to blog again.

Since, this was way long overdue, I was still sporting pink pastel hair and still kinda long. I already moved to kind of dark brown silky shiny hair. There are just those time that you will feel that you need to move on and have a change.

The entire look is still very summer despite that this was taken early March: from stripped top, baggy (ahjumma-kinda look) pants to juicy blushed face.

Waiting for a Summer Breeze

Stripes are staple to my closet and I have tons of them. This stripped shirt is from H&M. Baggy straight pants are trendy nowadays and we even sometimes joke around that it is kind of reminscent of “ahjumma” style. I think I have been watching a lot of K-Drama recently tho. Straight baggy cropped pants are just perfect for summer season as it is relaxed and can easily mixed with almost everything. Lastly, finished the look with a clean beige slip-ons from Cotton On.

‘Til the next pose & post!

PS. Summer is in full bloom here in the tropics. I honestly wish we have spring or autumn over here.

Field Trip: National Museum

I can’t quite remember the last time I had a proper field trip. A field trip where you learn “new” things just like back in school. When an opportunity presents itself to visit one of the main museums in our country, better grab the opportunity then. A simple equation of free schedule plus a friend who shares the same interest plus heritage month equals to a day of field trip.


Grand Door of National Museum


Field Trip’s Outfit


Guardian Angel

Thanks to the government’s initiative of having a “Heritage Month”, a whole month (extended to another month) of free admission to the National Museum of the Philippines. I can’t remember when was the last time I visited the National Museum or if I did before; but one thing I am sure is that I feel like a student once again. All giggly and excited whenever we turn a curve or enter a room in the historic museum.

We started in the Old Senate Hall which they have turned into an arts museum. All important paintings and sculptures can be seen in this area.


Let’s Not Fall In Love – BigBang 🎶


Staircase Session




Grand Architecture Less One Light


High Ceiling


Between Arts

 I treat arts as my stress reliever. I enjoy getting lost in the world of arts and trying to decipher the meaning of a painting or sculpture. For most of the part, I just simply want to be absorbed in all the swirls of color in the painting. Some paintings tell a story, some just plainly present itself as it is and doesn’t need explanations at all.


Arts, Arts, Arts


Sweet Smile


Black Vs Colors


Blacks, Whites, Blonde



Of course, I will not pass the chance to have my picture taken with the Philippines most popular painting, “The Spoliarium” by Juan Luna. I’m so happy that even there’s a lot people at that time, I managed to have a solo picture as if I am the only one inside the museum. I have to say that everyone was very respectful and nice as they make sure you have your own quality time with the Spoliarium.


The Spoliarium

Then we moved to another building which is still the National Museum. Though this time, the building houses historical artifacts from sunken ships, mining sites and historical landmarks.




Books About Philippines Flora and Fauna


Through The Rabbit Hole





Perfect timing as there was an exhibition of ethnic Filipino textile. Arts, culture, architecture and fashion all rolled in one. I’m one happy field tripper here. 


By The Window

After a long day inside the museum, we moved to a Japanese Garden to have some more pictures taken.

Lastly, just before dinner, one item ticked off from my bucket list ~ Sunset session in Manila Bay! I always wanted and very vocal that I wanted to experience sunset in Manila Bay. Got to say that our country really has one of the best vantage sites in the whole world if you want to see a great sunset.


The Sunset in Manila Bay



 I really need to do more of this kind of field trip. I really wanted to visit more museums, get lost in the arts and learn. It was indeed a day in the museum plus more.

‘Til the next pose & post!

More Epic Than The Usual

Who might have thought that coffee and bike go together? Such a different concept right? Very unusual but you can definitely find one.


This Will Greet You At The Entrance



Vintage Vibe


Vintage Counter


Epic Coffee Roastery is a coffeehouse located in the heart of Kapitolyo, Pasig. The Kapitolyo area can be dubbed as Food Capital of Eastern Manila. Ok, Im just the one who came up with that but hey don’t you agree as Kapitolyo is crowded by restaurants, watering holes and bakeries. Not just your run-in-the-mill restaurants but awesome restaurants with different cuisine.



Ceiling & Blackboard


Bag of Coffee Beans

When you enter Epic Roastery Coffee, you will be greeted by the aroma of the coffee and the quietness of the area. Unless you are like me and my friends, you might be a little embarassed talking a little loud for almost all people are studying (or pretending to do so), surfing the net or on a meeting (or group study). I really don’t get the idea why you need to study in a coffee shop, never done that and never intended to do so but hey this is democratic country so you can choose your own poison, right? One of the reasons I like about Epic is that even if you decided to have coffee on your own, you will never feel the sense of being an outcast or a loner.


View To Outside


To Inside


Even the Condiments Counter is Up For The Concept


I Find This Cool


Bikes Remind Me of Japan


Words of Wisdom

Epic Roastery Coffee has a Japanese sub-urban vibe. Minus the part that they use bossanova as their background music which I believe is a must for all coffee house to achieve the coffee house feel. The theme/ concept of bicycle is very “Nihon” less the excessive kawaii-ness. I’ve found a new obsession with coffee house aesthtic and Epic definitely exceeded my expectation. I love how the drop lights are strategically place so as the tables, they are perfect.


Wall Counter



The Vibe is Perfect


Anatomy of Coffee


Those Cups


Color Cake!


Class Picture


Well Deserved Solo Pic

So if you have the time to drop by and/or nearby Kapitolyo area, I really recommend you to visit Epic Coffee Roastery to get your dose of coffee instead of running at the usual coffeeshop chain. They don’t just have coffee, they offer baked goodies like cakes and bars.


Perfect for Take Outs

‘Til the next pose & post!


Waiting In Vain?

Stripes Me Up

What it is with stripes that I always tend to buy a lot of those? I really don’t know but what I am sure of is whenever I step on a store my feet will be on autopilot and will lead me directly to the stripes section/area. You can always rely on those classic lines if you are planning your ensembles for a vacation or simply for a day’s outfit. Vacation always comes in mind when you talk about stripes as it is very synonymous with nautical aesthetic. Well, thank you Popeye the Sailor Man.

What I love about stripes is it never goes out of style. We can consider it as a  forever staple (if such term exists?). Remember Breakfast at Tifanny’s? That was in the early 60s and Audrey Hepburn was rocking the stripes ensemble like it was 2014. How I love the great Audrey Hepburn!


Thin Stripes And Black & White Combo

For this coordinate, the stripes long sleeves is from UNIQLO. Thights is from BODY MUSIC.


Stripes Me Up!

Way before Uniqlo was available in Manila, my aunt used to ship this brand straight from Japan. I remember my very first Uniqlo piece, it was a snow white pullover which by the way, I still use especially during the -ber months. Body Music is a local sportwear-slash-athletic brand, which is available at Landmark and Crossing’s Department Store, is actually my to go brand for leggings and thights.

I really love how blacks and whites interact with each other. Those colors are perfectly made for each other, don’t you agree?


Where's My Date?


Kawaii While On Stripes

‘Til the next pose & post!

Out To Play

Recently, we have been experiencing a bi-polar weather condition. Raining hard one hour then sun shining the next. It’s hard to keep up and plan your outfit for the day.

For a day out with my college bestfriend who recently returned home from abroad, I wore something comfortable and adaptable to the ever changing environment. It needs to be comfortable because I foresee that we will do some area hopping (Yes we did, from Greenhills to Ortigas to Mandaluyong to Ortigas).


The Dogs and Leopard Are Out To Play

Top is from Harajuku brand WEGO. Bottom black shorts from UNIQLO. Boots from MILANO. Leopard print bag from Italian brand OVS.


If you notice, almost no hint of accessories except for the statement ring-slash-watch for I am going for a lazy day and “not-so-put up” look. I promise that on my next few outfit posts, I will incorporate accessories again. I need to do some major accessories shopping soon. I need to know new accessories shops so please let me know and shoot me an email at . I need your help with accessories hunting.


Taken at the NEW Subspace Coffee

I am the type of person who prefers sunny days over rainy days. So hopefully, the weather improves in the next couple of days and wishing that it is summer in Manila right now just like in Tokyo.

Some side photos: me and my college best friend goofing around with pictures (as we termed it “photofest”). Mwah!


Bestfriends since college freshmen days


Kawaii Overload

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Clap Your Hands As We Say “Nolza!”

Nolza! eh-eh Nolza! Nolza! eh-eh Nolza eh! This has been on repeat days before May 17, 2014. You wonder why? That day might be the biggest K-Pop day in the Philippines for this year. As one of the biggest and most populat K-Pop group held a concert as part of their world tour, here in Manila. No other than 2NE1 ~ Minzy, Bom, Dara and CL, are all present to showcase their talent to the Filipino Blackjacks.


All Or Nothing: Prelude Video


Pink Lights All Ready


Selca Time with Sherwin Unnie Before Concert Starts

I almost lose hope that I will not be able to watch my favourite KPop group as 3 weeks prior to the concert day, tickets were all sold out. Well, I really gave up but my ever reliable Sherwin-“unnie” didn’t stop. He bought the tickets a little more or less 24 hours before the concert! The only problem since I gave up on attending 2NE1’s All or Nothing in Manila three weeks prior, is my outfit.

At the last minute, I came up with this ensemble.


Let Them Haters Sit and Stare

The printed ‘fresh’ top is from “OXYGEN”. Just a year or two ago, Oxygen overhauled their approach to more British-European aesthetic. Very underground, street style that fits my own aesthetic. Every now and then, I make it a point to visit that shop. Asian fashion are big on street style. Take for instanve, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and of course Mani.a. The varsity jacket and leggings are both from “FOREVER21”. Instead of using the jacket as a jacket, I wrapped it around my waist as an accesory. The leggings are fashionable and comfortable at the same time. I am a big fan of blacks on whites or whites on black combination. Shoes are from “KICKERS” and two toned bag from “COTTON ON”.

I am so glad that we had the chance to see 2NE1 perform live. Yes, they sang all their songs live. The last KPop concert I went to, some of the artists didn’t perform live. That sets 2NE1 from the rest, they can sing live and they have their unique sense of style. No wonder their “New Evolution World Tour” was even hailed as one of the best concerts of 2012. The stage is on a different level. There are lights, fireworks, harness, elevating stage, moving stairs, you name it. Everything is a feast for the eyes and the ears.


Gotta Be You Performance


Lonely Performance


Come Back Home Unplugged


Ugly Performance

The Manila leg of AON was a little bit more special as 2NE1 celebrated their 5th anniversary since their debut performance in Inkigayo and it was even touted as Sandara Park’s homecoming. How nice to hear that Dara can still talk straight Filipino and she never even changed a bit. She’s still the crazy, funny girl we used to know.


Happy Birthday 2NE1!

I have to give props to CL (She’s my favorite or “bias” as they term it in Korea) when she performed “The Baddest Female” and “Mental Breakdown”. She’s a total performer. She’s her own as no one can pull out that kind of energy, power in her peformances. She a really talented artist. As usual, Park Bom showed off her vocal prowess with high notes and Minzy danced like there is no tomorrow. All for members are exceptional. They really are the best KPop group, as this is my own opinion.


Explosive Stage and Performances


Naega Jeil Jal Naga

They opened the show with fist pumping, high energy performances of “Crush” which is my favourite track from their new album and their debut single “Fire”. I am so glad they all performed all my 2NE1 favourite songs like “Scream”, “Do You Love Me”, “I Love You”, “Lonely” and Naega Jeil Jal Naga or “I Am The Best”. I noticed that they weren’t able to perform 2013’s Kpop song of summer because of the reggae vibe, “Falling In Love”. These girls really set the world on firr with their performances. Hopefully, they’ll be back soon and they’ll release more songs, MVs and albums.


The Tix!


Before The Concert



Can’t wait for the release of their new Japanese album later this month. I don’t know but I kind of like it better when a Korean artist releases a Japanese single. Like for example, I appreciate it better if SNSD or Girls’ Generation have a Japanese release. So weird right? Or is it because I can understand it better in Nihonggo? Hmmm…?


New Japanese Album, Soon...

‘Til the next pose and post!

Flavor of the Month: Pink

New year, new beginnings. Such a cliche but we always believe on that. Many of us change the way we live. Like staying away from vices and living a healthy lifestyle. Some change their perspective and some like me change their hair color.

For last year, I sported blonde hair all year long. And to be honest, it is quite a hassle and such a high maintenance stuff. I easily get annoyed when I see black hair growing from the roots. I really wish someone would invent a pill when you take it, you instantly change your hair color. That would be really fantastic because for people like me who wanted to try different hair colors and experiment from time to time, that would save us time coloring our hair and trips to salons.

For the start of the year, I colored my hair pink or what the hair pro says “Mystique Heather”. I’ve been planning to try “out of the box” color for quite some time now but I guess I dont have the courage yet. Aside from that, I was hesitant to try it because it might not fit my skin tone. It is very crucial that your hair color is with harmony with your skin tone or else it will turn out very un-classy or I may use a Filipino slang “chaka”.


Pink Bangs


First Selfie of 2014


Pink Angst

Originally, I wanted to do something very purple but I think my hair decided to go pink. The color in hair color book looks like more purplish than pinkish. Well anyways, it has already been done and even though I was quite disappointed that I didnt quite expect this hue to come out, I am so pleased with the result. Think of supermodel Kate Moss, ANTM winner cycle 18 winner Sophie Sumner, Jia of Miss A (Kpop group) and not really a lot more. This color is hard to maintain but I will do my best to keep this color until my birthday. Yeap, I am turning 27 very soon and that’s close to 30. Scary right! I will not be able to sport this hair color when I turned 30ish because it is so juvenile. Hahahaha.


The Kate Moss


Jia of Miss A

By the way, I really like that my hair is turning cotton pink as the day progresses. From very dark pink to light pink.

So wish me luck with my “pink” hair month.

So, do you love me with pink hair?

Til the next pose & post!

End Of Summer?

Start of June and it signifies the end of Summer here in Manila. That means more wet days but that proves us wrong. For the supposedly last days of summer, it is so hot. It is very dry and it feels like it is April, the only difference is at early evenings some showers are present. Like I said on my previous entry, I already cleaned up my closet for the rainy season. But of course, since I am living in a tropical country, I am still very much expecting sun but not like summer’s.

Since summer will officially end in another week or two, me and my friends decided to do some end of summer pyjama party style.

The small gathering of three took place in my friend’s pad in Fairview. I thought our home is too much of a hassle for a drive, but compare it to Fairview which is comparably way too far. The small gathering is just a dinner chitchat with drinks and more laughter. We should be making this as a tradition for an end of season party/ gathering.





Here’s what I wore for the simple party: I decided to wear short shorts from Zara, for my top I decided to wear oversized Polo from American brand Custom Made which you can buy locally from People R People, and white basic cotton shirt from Cotton On. The look is so relaxed and perfect for an overnight stay without looking to dressy for a simple gathering.


Til the next pose & post!