Month: March 2016

Black Against The Wall

By now, you should have known that my to go to color is black. I think the last couple of OOTDs I posted have either black on it or it is an all-black ensemble. Whenever I go shopping, my brain autopilots to the blacks first then to grays and lastly to the other colors.

This is my second style post from my February vacation in Ilocos region and stay tuned to my travel diaries which are coming really soon. Going for a minimalist kawaii look which is quite a trend now on Asian Style scene.


Black and Pink Hair

This all black ensemble compliments my pink dipped blonde hair that I have been rocking since the start of the year.


Modern Look Versus Vintage Backdrop

Long Tailed slogan shirt from Oxygen. Tattered Skinny Pants from Topshop. Bag from Penshoppe.

‘Til the next pose & post!


Black and Boxy

First style post from my vacation in the province of Ilocos. I’ve been wanting to go to the Ilocos province for quite some time now but rarely has the chance maybe because of the distance from Manila or most pf my friends have already visited the province once or twice. So as part of my birthday treat for myself, I’ve decided to finally visit Ilocos. Stay tuned for my travel diaries soon.

Boxy Style

When it comed to vacation outfit, nothing beats a comfortable outfit. A short and and some t-shirt would be the usual suspects but how about we play it up a little bit.

If you been reading my blog for some time now, you have probably know my affinity with monotones. For this style post in Ilocos, I brought some of my blacks for this trip. Like I said most tourists opt to don short and t-shirt as their uniform as they ar the most comfortable when travelling (walking, visiting galleries and historocal places, etc). I’m no different, shorts and tshirt are my idea comfortable wear. The key is to be comfortable but stand out at the same time.

My all black ensemble also highlights my pink-dipped blonde hair which I’m loving now and planning to keep the entire summer.

Boxy Shirt from Penshoppe. Easy Shorts from Uniqlo. Gray Overnight Bag from Terranova.


Old School Backdrop Meets Modern Style

Don’t be afraid to wear all black on your next vacation. The goal is comfort and to stand out from the crowd of tourists. Always look the best whenever you are out and about. If black is not for you, choose what suits you best. The end goal is for you to be comfortable on what you wear without compromising your own style.


Syquioa Mansion

‘Til the next pose & post!