Month: April 2015

Baler (Part 3): The Falls and The Tree

You would have thought by now that I am not a very adventurous person. Rather bum in the beach and get a tan than do treks to go to some hidden areas. When the idea of doing of a 30 to 45 minute walk to a popular area in Baler, I had my doubts and hesitations. At back of my mind, will I really be able to do it? Will I enjoy it? Heck, still young why not do it! So we did it, walk-slash-trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls.

Ditumabo Mother Falls is a spectacular place to visit. Even the fact that it was tiring after the long walk in wet mountainside, slippery stones and raging waters, it was worth it.


Panoramic View To Mother Falls


Flowers Everywhere

On the way to the falls, we even passed by some elderly people coming down from the falls. So, I thought it was not really that tiring but again I was proven wrong. But once you have a glimpse of the falls, you will definitely be enticed to dip in the water. By the way, we originally planned that once we see the waterfalls, we will immediately go down. In our case, it didn’t happen. We did some swimming in the cold but refreshing waters and enjoyed it to almost the time they are closing the falls. We can say that we were the last visitors of the falls for that day.


Mini Falls

On the way down from the falls, me and my best friend keep on asking why the falls was called “Mother Falls”? Is “Father Falls” just somewhere hiding, how about the children falls, etc. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the answers to our questions.


Dipping In The Falls


It was almost dark, when we reached the famed “Millennium Tree”. Though the tree is not specifically located in the town of Baler, the Millennium Tree is one of the most visited attractions while in Baler. It a humongous, big tree said to be more than 300 plus years old. You could actually go inside the tree but again my being “not adventurous” kicked in. I think I had enough adrenaline hormone while trekking earlier that is why I skipped in that part. I gladly enjoyed my solace doing selcas using timer in my camera while my best friend gone inside the tree and enjoyed it. Too bad it was getting really dark when we arrived at the Millennium Tree. My advice: go visit the tree during afternoon. You’ll have better lighting and the scorching heat of the afternoon sun would not hurt you as you will be under the shade of a very big tree.


That Tree!


Kawaii In Baler

Now I perfectly understand the beauty of Baler. It does not only offer the beach but wonders of nature in all forms. You thought that ends my Baler summer series? Not yet! Stay tuned! More Baler posts soon.

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Baler (Part 2): Soft Spot for Rock Formations

I never thought that Baler offers a lot of places to visit. Only learned about this sleepy town a couple of years back because of the influx of surfing in the Philippines, and of course with the help of social media. I know I went to History and Geography class back in high school but I guess there wasn’t much of focus on this province or more specifically to this town.

Aside from the fact that Baler has a great beach for surfing, which is very known for, the town also has some great quiet beaches just perfect for beach bumming and long walks in the sands. That brings us to Aniao Islets and Diguisit Bay & Rock Formation. It would take you a roughly 10-15 minutes drive from Ermita Hill to reach this very spectacular beach. Going there is a sight to see as you have an unobstructive view of the Pacific Ocean.


Pacific Ocean



“Wow” – that is the first thing I said when we arrived in Aniao Islets.


It’s A Lonely Planet Indeed


Diguisit Bay


By The Rocks


The area also has a swimming pool when you get tired of the salty water. The pool area also comes with beach chairs/ lounge area which you use when you want to chill by the pool area reading a book or whatever you have in mind.


Enjoying The Pool Area




Pure Happiness


Seeing Double


I admit that I went all gaga with taking photos as the place really gives you a very good backdrop for your OOTDs and landscape photos.


Cloudless Sky!


Without Black, No Color Has Any Depth


Lucky enough that when we went there, there are only a handful of tourists visiting. So most of the time, it seemed that we had the whole place on our own. Never mind that afternoon sun, we need to have as much photos and fun under the sun.


Cue Red Velvet’s Song ~ “Happiness”


Attempt To Dip

Baler really has a lot to offer. Even though surfing is not your thing like I do, there are a lot of things you can do while in Baler. There still a lot waiting for my Baler series, so better watch out! 




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Vivid Summer

“There’s this saying: in an all blue world, colour doesn’t exist. If something seems strange, you question it; but if the outside world is too distant to use as a comparison then nothing seems strange” ~ Alex Garland, The Beach


Pop of Color in Sea of Blue and Green


I Have Soft Spot For Rocks


For my second style post in El Nido, I decided to wear something colorful. Though blacks, whites, grays and neutrals are considered my home in the color wheel, once in a while I want to wear pop of colors. Summer would be and always be the perfect time of the year to wear brights. This OOTD screams bold and carefree. Be bold to choose striking colors and don’t be afraid to standout. Be carefree like a summer sun, always shining and smiling.


Enjoying The Sands In Helicopter Island

Red pink tank top is from Forever 21. Bright board shorts from Robinson’s Department Store.


More Summer Diaries posts coming soon, stay tuned! ☀️

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Baler (Part 1): Township and Seaside Hill

Summer has always been an important and one of the most exciting part of the year. This is the season that you wish you are on a forever vacation, and everyone wishes that summer would last forever. Long days & nights, endless stories to share with friends and planned vacation.

For me, summer is about hitting the beach. You get the chance to fully enjoy the beach and not worry a thing about whether it’s gonna rain or not. This is the time to get a tan and endure days of peeling skin after staying out too long under the summer sun.

Starting off the summer diaries with our trip in Baler, Aurora. Baler has becoming one of the top destinations in Luzon island here in the Philippines, given the proximity of the place to the capital. There are tons to enjoy in this “not so sleepy town anymore”. Baler is a popular destination for surfing because it faces directly to the Pacific Ocean. Though for those non-surfers and non adrenaline junkie like me, there are tons of reasons why at least visit the area once or twice or maybe every year?


First thing we did as we arrive in the town of Baler is to tour (or walk) the town. What I like most about the town center is everything is located near each other like the museum, historical sites, restaurants and prerequisite “pasalubong centers”. We weren’t able to visit the famed Baler Museum but already made a mental note to visit the area once I’m back in Baler.


Next Time


Famous Site Where A Lot Of Photos Taken


Highschool Bestie and Me


From the town center we headed to Ermita Hill. For the people of Baler, Ermita Hill has been a refuge site when a tsunami hit the coastal town in late 1800s.



Into The Woods


The OOTD post was also taken in Ermita Hill. So picturesque, perfect backdrop.



From Ermita Hill, you can see spectacular view of Baler’s coast from another perspective and of course the vast beauty of Pacific Ocean!


Coast of Baler



This can be seen from the base of Ermita Hill, how people helped and saved each other from the harms of the tsunami.


This is just part 1 of my Baler summer diaries. Still more to come from from this series. So better stay tuned! ☺️


Field Trippin’!



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Blue Skies, Sea Fever

Starting off the summer diaries with some OOTD post. El Nido is a true heaven in Earth. This vacation in island paradise is the perfect idea for a summer getaway. Words can’t express how beautiful and perfect El Nido is. No wonder Palawan is called as “The Number 1 island in the World”.



For our first day in heaven, I mean El Nido, I opt to go for nautical theme. Nautical trend is really easy to pull out as you only need blues (and/or black) and some stripes. Nautical theme has been big for quite some time now, thanks to tons of summer videos since last year. Remember Sistar’s “Touch My Body” music video? And stripes are forever staples for spring/summer trends every year.



Long sleeves outerwear is from Forever 21. Striped tank from Coco Republic. Board shorts from Folded and Hung. 


Accessories: Wide brimmed woolhat from H&M. Eyewear from Sunnies Studios.

Blue Skies, Sea Fever

Can’t wait to share more photos from our El Nido trip. So stay tuned. 🙂 

 ‘Til the next pose & post!