Month: December 2014

Thank You 2014, Hello 2015!

The year 2014 was a very colorful one. I’ve been very bold with my hair colors (and thinking of going back to blonde soon).

I was able to travel, and I plan to visit more places this 2015.

I was able to wear outfits & blog about my OOTDs, and plan to get slimmer for 2015 (who wouldn’t?).

Lastly, the cutest package arrived in a form of Quino, my nephew!

There are a lot of things to be thankful for and I am really excited for what 2015 brings me.

‘Til the next pose & post! Next entry will be next year! 💌


La Union (Part 2): Sunset Bay Resort

Before the year ends, we made a trip to a pocket beach in La Union. What’s good about pocket beaches are it is not crowded and the waves are not big considering the resort is located just a mere 10 minute drive to San Juan, La Union which can be considered as a surfing capital of Luzon.

I am not really a type of person who swim or enjoy water activities. Rather, I am the type who enjoy and take advantage of the downtime in the beach. Let’s say that beach bumming (less the sunbathing, until just recently about the sunbathing part) is my favorite activity while on the beach.

I wouldn’t miss the sunset to any beach vacation. Sunsets are always the highlight of my beach vacations. I am so glad that Philippines is blessed with gorgeous sunset. Isn’t sunset so lovely and romantic? Might as well add that sunsets give that automatic filter to your photos!



This pocket beach resort is aptly named “Sunset Bay Resort” located in San Fernando, La Union. The place is owned by an European expat.







I have to say that the ambiance of the resort is so good and relaxing. And the food are to die for. I specifically love their breakfast set.


And of course, will I pass on those photo session by the beach on morning? Of course not!


Before heading back to Manila, we had a quick lunch at Halo Halo de Iloko. I believe that because of this trip, I gained some pounds? Anyways, vacations are made to gain weight aside from Holiday season. Ilocos cuisine are so great and the Halo-Halo is very nice. If you wonder what is halo-halo, it is the Philippines’s version of Japanese Kagigori or Korean Patbingsu (plus a lot of ingredients and ice cream!).



‘Til the next pose & post! This ends my La Union vacation series. More travel soon.


La Union (Part 1): Ma Cho Temple

I just noticed that for this year, all my vacations are northbound. Never really had a chance to explore the Northern provinces up until this year.

This travel series starts with a trip to Ma Cho Temple. This trip to a Taoist Temple is very out-of-blue moment as we were waiting for our check-in time in our accommodation in La Union and we had nowhere to go. I am really glad that we made an effort to visit this temple.



Though located in the city center of San Fernando, La Union, once you are inside the premise of the temple you will never thought that there are vehicles and commercial establishments just a couple of minutes walk away.







Ma Cho Temple exudes a very serene and quiet ambiance. When we visited the place, we were the only ones in the place. So if you will notice, no one except us and the super wonderful place in our pictures. I think, we stayed for a little less than 3 hours in Ma Cho Temple given that you can tour it in like 10-15 minutes. The architecture of the temple is beyond splendid and I have added on my “travel bucket list” to visit more temples both here in the Philippines and abroad.



If you’ve noticed, I’ve taken most of my outfit shot in Ma Cho Temple.




‘Til the next pose & post!



A Very Black & White Number

Do you think I post too much black and gray coordinates? My answer would be yes! They are my most favorite colors. A given fact that you can easily mix and match black and grays with any other colors.

This coordinate is for my first day in Baguio City. It’s very comfortable that it will allow me to do long strolls in the “City of Pines”. For this year (and the last one), I rediscovered the wonders of pullovers. Thanks to many fast fashion brands who opened their stores in Manila this year, as that makes me happy and giddy.


Though Philippines doesn’t have autumn/ winter season (which I really hope we do), garments made from wool are everywhere like socks and bucket hat. Bucket hats are my highly recommended hat for this season. It gives you that extra special factor on your coordinates. Another thing to look out for are those white sneakers. Irregardless if it’s spring/ summer or autumn/ winter season, white shoes are always there.

Wool Bucket Hat from H&M; Black Pullovers from H&M, Black Shorts from Uniqlo, Wool Socks from Forever21 and White Sneakers from H&M.

Hype this look in Lookbook. 😘

‘Til the next pose & post!