Subspace Coffeehouse

I really wanted to go to some artsy coffee shops for quite some time now but they are not here in Manila nor in my country. I know, I am an east asian junkie (but hey, Philippines can be sometime be considered East Asia ~ am I right?), and whenever I watch those Japanese or Korean lifestyle travel shows from Arirang and NHK, I want to try those very quaint, not crowded, very authentic and artsy coffee shops and viola one opened in my favorite district in Metro Manila, Ortigas Centre.

My fascination with Japanese/ Korean culture and coffee is a perfect marriage that can be seen in “Subspace Coffeehouse”. This coffee house concept in Manila is relatively new because we Filipinos tend to go to  commercialized Starbucks, Caffe Bene or CBTL for our coffee indulgence. When you enter Subspace you will be awed with the interior. It is not that spacey and the clutter of random design/ furniture is thrown all around. Just enough room for walking area and it is not really designed to queue just like in Starbucks. If it is less crowded meaning you can enjoy more chika time with your friends which what we did yesterday. Even the playlist is very K-Pop because I happened to hear some Big Bang songs though no 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” in their playlist.


And here’s what I ordered:



That’s the Purple Potato Latte. In Tagalog, is it “kamote” or is it “ube”? Anyways it is heaven although I should have said to had it in extra hot because I want my coffee extra hot. Look at the artwork they added, it was fantastic. I even noticed that the artwork for each order is different. Ain’t that really nice? I had some light snack as well, and I ordered the very sumptous lemon bars. My friend ordered the Peanut Butter Latte, which is ok for me but I prefer what I ordered.

Here are some more pics to enjoy:




The view of Ortigas Road from the inside of the shop:


And of course I asked my friend to take a picture of me with this ala K-Drama. He said that it is like a “waiting in vain” scene from a K-Drama.



And finally this is so cute that I have to squeeze this picture in. I noticed this on the way out:


Enjoy your coffee!

Til the next pose & post!



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