Cebu (Part 4): Virgin Island in Bantayan

Cebu is known to house some of the best beaches in the Philippines. Being a beach lover myself, I will never pass the chance to visit one of the beach spots gaining popularity in Cebu. I’ve heard about this place a couple of years back, thanks to one of my closest college friends who is a Cebuana but raised in Manila (which by the way you can visit her blog by clicking HERE). I’ve been waiting about this part of my Cebu trip and definitely an icing on top of a great trip we had.


For our last iterinary in Cebu, we went to Bantayan Island in Sta. Fe, Cebu. Bantayan Island has its own rustic charm as if time slows down when you are in this area. It is quickly gaining popularity among beach lovers and travellers alike. Though this is not a travel blog which normally gives directions and tips about the places I’ve visited, my blog is more of a personal online space for me to diary my travels and for the readers to find inspiration to travel as well. I’ll leave it to professionals to come-up with a legit travel blog.

The Virgin Island

Bantayan Island houses a lot nice beaches and even the beach front of Anika Beach Resort, where we stayed, boasts pristine white sands.



One of the orders of business is to visit Virgin Island. We hopped on a boat instead and visited Virgin Island.

This is The Virgin Island

With College Friends

I did not set any expectations for this visit in Virgin Island as I do not know that this small island exists or even part of our iterinary. I have to say that this is a must visit place in Bantayan.

White Sands


Virgin Island feels like you were castawayed from the busy society. Perfect place to get a tan, enjoy the white sands & clear water and just enjoy.

Getting A Tan and A Lot of Memories

Slow Down

Somewhere Out There

‘Til the next pose & post!


La Union (Part 2): Sunset Bay Resort

Before the year ends, we made a trip to a pocket beach in La Union. What’s good about pocket beaches are it is not crowded and the waves are not big considering the resort is located just a mere 10 minute drive to San Juan, La Union which can be considered as a surfing capital of Luzon.

I am not really a type of person who swim or enjoy water activities. Rather, I am the type who enjoy and take advantage of the downtime in the beach. Let’s say that beach bumming (less the sunbathing, until just recently about the sunbathing part) is my favorite activity while on the beach.

I wouldn’t miss the sunset to any beach vacation. Sunsets are always the highlight of my beach vacations. I am so glad that Philippines is blessed with gorgeous sunset. Isn’t sunset so lovely and romantic? Might as well add that sunsets give that automatic filter to your photos!



This pocket beach resort is aptly named “Sunset Bay Resort” located in San Fernando, La Union. The place is owned by an European expat.







I have to say that the ambiance of the resort is so good and relaxing. And the food are to die for. I specifically love their breakfast set.


And of course, will I pass on those photo session by the beach on morning? Of course not!


Before heading back to Manila, we had a quick lunch at Halo Halo de Iloko. I believe that because of this trip, I gained some pounds? Anyways, vacations are made to gain weight aside from Holiday season. Ilocos cuisine are so great and the Halo-Halo is very nice. If you wonder what is halo-halo, it is the Philippines’s version of Japanese Kagigori or Korean Patbingsu (plus a lot of ingredients and ice cream!).



‘Til the next pose & post! This ends my La Union vacation series. More travel soon.