Pre Summer

Prelude for Summer

Early call time, chilly mornings and long trip to beach – those exactly described our second day in Baler. Coincidentally, it was also my birthday. That trip to Baler was actually the first time that I celebrated or more appropriately, spent it out of town on a vacation. Don’t worry, the day after our Baler trip, I was able to properly celebrated a private birthday party with my loved ones.

January is a month when the mornings are above the usual chilly conditions and less people are going to the beach. I always prefer going to a beach when there are less people. Though if you ask me like three or four years ago, I prefer the crowded one and a blissful nightlife by the shore. Well, people can change or this maybe a sign of maturity ( i was supposed to put in “sign of aging”).


I was all prepped for our second day of sightseeing in Baler with my coordinate.


Knitted cardigan is from H&M, sleeveless top from Uniqlo and denim shorts from Cotton On.

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Without Black, No Color Has Any Depth

Baler has been so much fun not only because of the waves but also of a lot of touristy spots you can explore . Been planning this trip to Baler for weeks but still very clueless to what expect. Well I guess, this Baler trip has really been a surprise (in a very good way) and will post blog entries about my trip in Baler soon.

For my first day in Baler, I opted to wear an outfit that is comfortable and will be able to shield me from the sun. I guess my idea of blocking off UV rays with a black ensemble is a no-no. Anyways, comfort is the key for vacations and travels. Right? As you probably know by now, black is one color I can’t live without. Any given time, I go for monotone colors rather then the striking ones. What is very good with black is you can pair it with every colors there are, and I love mixing my blacks with pastels, neons and a whole lot of colors.



Pullover Mickey Mouse Knitted top of from H&M, full length leggings for H&M, shades from Sunnies by Charlie.


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