BenCab Museum

Baguio (Part 2): Museum Day At BenCab

This is the part of our Baguio trip I can’t wait to share. On our first day in Baguio, we (well I insisted) planned to go to an art gallery. This is no way just a simple art gallery but one run and owned by National Artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera or better yet know as BenCab. I’ve been dying to visit this museum years ago and when I finally had the chance to visit Baguio with my friends, I make sure that this would be part of our itinerary.

The museum is not the usual Baguio spot as compared to Burnham Park and Minesview. Less people are going to the place maybe because it way out of the city center. They were doing road repairs at that time but lucky for us, it didn’t take us as much travel time as what I’ve read from my research. It took us less than a 45-minute drive to reach the museum and I bet once the road repairs are done it would take maybe a 20 minute drive to BenCab. Despite that fact, I recommend every Baguio tourist to visit BenCab Museum.