Palawan (Part 2): Blue Lagoon And All Sorts Of Blues

El Nido is our summer destination for this summer. Located at the northern tip of Palawan which houses some of the best beaches/ islands in the Philippines (and in the world).

El Nido is actually a paradise masked as a tourist destination. Island hopping is one the countless activities you can do while vacationing in El Nido. For the first two days of our stay in El Nido, we have decided to take boat tours.


Morning In El Nido

For the first day, we have visited multiple islands and beaches. All of which are uniquely stunning and picturesque.


First Photo During The Island Hopping


Normal View in El Nido


Can’t Wait To Go Down


We started with the Small and Big Lagoons. These lagoons are amongst the most popular and most pictured places in the entire El Nido. The lagoons are very calm and serene, a perfect place to enjoy and chill in El Nido. Most people tend to swim or kayak in the Small Lagoon while bigger boats roam around the Big Lagoon.


Kawaii in Big Lagoon




I Wasn’t Able To Try Kayaking in El Nido





Next stop is the Hidden Beach which reminds me of the movie “The Beach”. Though the beach is not really hidden, it is still a challenge to reach this area because you have to enter a very small hole just to get in. Though once inside, you’ll be mesmerized by the hidden beauty of this place.


Hidden Beach

 Just before lunch, we stopped by Snake Island. Don’t worry, no snakes are living on the island. It was names Snake Island asthe sand bar connecting the two islands looks like a snake during low tide.


Taking In The Beauty


Top of Snake Island, A Viewdeck


We Were There During Hightide, We Missed The Sandbar


Out Of Place ~ Alien


First day of island hopping is not yet over, stay tuned for the next part from this series.

‘Til the next pose & post!


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