Sportswear, Streetwear

It has been a long time since I properly had an OOTD post. An OOTD post in the city to be specific. The last few OOTD posts were summer wear. This time around, I am back with some street wear post.

Street wear has been my staple aesthetic whether for some cay out with friends or for the weekends. Due to the tropical location of the Philippines, it’s kind of hard to do layered fashion, maybe only for the exemption for the months of November, December and January. For the rest of the year, you have to stick to single layered fashion or you can still have layered look but you need to be meticulous on choosing the type of garment used.


This look is for a day out with a friend in a food destination in Quezon City.

Jersey top is from Factorie. Hard wooled leggings from H&M. Sneakers from Nike,

Ending this post with some selca with my brown hair. Already transitioned to blonde after 9 months of being a brunnette.

Bye Brown Hair, For Now!

‘Til the next pose & post!

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