Baler (Part 4): Sunrise And Long Stretch Of Sands

What’s odd for me when I am on vacation, I always make it a point to wake up early. One of the main reasons for waking up early is to watch sunrise from a great vantage point. Each place offers a different charm for sunrise. So sunrise viewing has always been part of my vacation iterinary. For this trip in Baler, the spot to go for sunrise viewing is Ampere Beach.





Ampere Beach is a rocky beach which faces the Pacific Ocean. Imagine strong currents, crashing to rocky bay plus the unobstructed view of the Pacific and sunrise. Love it is!


After enjoying the sunrise and taking the time to take advantage of almost deserted beach, I took the time to take some OOTD photos. I can’t help but love the plain backdrop of the very large boulder.

After an hour of sunrise viewing and a thousand photos saved, off we go to one of Baler’s not so hidden and secret place, Dinadiawan Beach.


Road Leading To Dinadiawan


Dinadiawan – A Long Stretch



Scenic Seaside


Dinadiawan beach houses a lot of resorts in Aurora. In fact, it is no longer part of Baler town. It will take you an hour and half drive from Ampere Beach to reach Dinadiawan. Going there is a pleasure to the eyes. Seaside highways and cliffs which give a great viewing point of almost everything. Of course, we take advantage of the long ride to stop once in a while to take some or a lot of photos.




Quite A Stretch


Focus On Me


Me, Jas and The Floating Hut


Once there, you have long stretch of fine sands with the mountains as the back drop. If you want to avoid the crowd in Baler town, this is the right place to go to. We only stayed in Dinadiawan Beach for a good hour as we decided that we need to go back to Baler town, take our lunch there and still explore the Sabang Beach during daytime.

You Got ame Sippin’ Into Something…


C’mon Let’s Get Away




Just Lay On The Sands

Sabang Beach is the renowned surf spot in Baler. From its coastline, accommodations and restaurants line the long beach. Perfect for surfing under the heat of summer and get a tan but surfing is actually not my cup of tea. Better off stay in the sun, lounge, do photoshoots then read a book after. Again, not an adventure type of traveller.

Sabang Boardwalk


Sabang Boardwalk



A Way Of Life

   So whatever you like in a beach, you will definitely get it from Baler or to its neighboring towns. Baler is not only for surfers but for anyone who decided to escape to a quiet historic town which offers tons of activities to kill time.


Shades of Blue


That wraps my Baler series. Hope you had so much joy as much joy as I had. Hopefully, this summer diaries series will inspire you travel more here in the Philippines (or travel in general ~ domestic or international).

Stay tuned for the El Nido series, coming soon!
‘Til the next post & post!


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