Baler (Part 3): The Falls and The Tree

You would have thought by now that I am not a very adventurous person. Rather bum in the beach and get a tan than do treks to go to some hidden areas. When the idea of doing of a 30 to 45 minute walk to a popular area in Baler, I had my doubts and hesitations. At back of my mind, will I really be able to do it? Will I enjoy it? Heck, still young why not do it! So we did it, walk-slash-trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls.

Ditumabo Mother Falls is a spectacular place to visit. Even the fact that it was tiring after the long walk in wet mountainside, slippery stones and raging waters, it was worth it.


Panoramic View To Mother Falls


Flowers Everywhere

On the way to the falls, we even passed by some elderly people coming down from the falls. So, I thought it was not really that tiring but again I was proven wrong. But once you have a glimpse of the falls, you will definitely be enticed to dip in the water. By the way, we originally planned that once we see the waterfalls, we will immediately go down. In our case, it didn’t happen. We did some swimming in the cold but refreshing waters and enjoyed it to almost the time they are closing the falls. We can say that we were the last visitors of the falls for that day.


Mini Falls

On the way down from the falls, me and my best friend keep on asking why the falls was called “Mother Falls”? Is “Father Falls” just somewhere hiding, how about the children falls, etc. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the answers to our questions.


Dipping In The Falls


It was almost dark, when we reached the famed “Millennium Tree”. Though the tree is not specifically located in the town of Baler, the Millennium Tree is one of the most visited attractions while in Baler. It a humongous, big tree said to be more than 300 plus years old. You could actually go inside the tree but again my being “not adventurous” kicked in. I think I had enough adrenaline hormone while trekking earlier that is why I skipped in that part. I gladly enjoyed my solace doing selcas using timer in my camera while my best friend gone inside the tree and enjoyed it. Too bad it was getting really dark when we arrived at the Millennium Tree. My advice: go visit the tree during afternoon. You’ll have better lighting and the scorching heat of the afternoon sun would not hurt you as you will be under the shade of a very big tree.


That Tree!


Kawaii In Baler

Now I perfectly understand the beauty of Baler. It does not only offer the beach but wonders of nature in all forms. You thought that ends my Baler summer series? Not yet! Stay tuned! More Baler posts soon.

‘Til the next pose & post!


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