Baler (Part 2): Soft Spot for Rock Formations

I never thought that Baler offers a lot of places to visit. Only learned about this sleepy town a couple of years back because of the influx of surfing in the Philippines, and of course with the help of social media. I know I went to History and Geography class back in high school but I guess there wasn’t much of focus on this province or more specifically to this town.

Aside from the fact that Baler has a great beach for surfing, which is very known for, the town also has some great quiet beaches just perfect for beach bumming and long walks in the sands. That brings us to Aniao Islets and Diguisit Bay & Rock Formation. It would take you a roughly 10-15 minutes drive from Ermita Hill to reach this very spectacular beach. Going there is a sight to see as you have an unobstructive view of the Pacific Ocean.


Pacific Ocean



“Wow” – that is the first thing I said when we arrived in Aniao Islets.


It’s A Lonely Planet Indeed


Diguisit Bay


By The Rocks


The area also has a swimming pool when you get tired of the salty water. The pool area also comes with beach chairs/ lounge area which you use when you want to chill by the pool area reading a book or whatever you have in mind.


Enjoying The Pool Area




Pure Happiness


Seeing Double


I admit that I went all gaga with taking photos as the place really gives you a very good backdrop for your OOTDs and landscape photos.


Cloudless Sky!


Without Black, No Color Has Any Depth


Lucky enough that when we went there, there are only a handful of tourists visiting. So most of the time, it seemed that we had the whole place on our own. Never mind that afternoon sun, we need to have as much photos and fun under the sun.


Cue Red Velvet’s Song ~ “Happiness”


Attempt To Dip

Baler really has a lot to offer. Even though surfing is not your thing like I do, there are a lot of things you can do while in Baler. There still a lot waiting for my Baler series, so better watch out! 




‘Til the next pose & post!


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