Baler (Part 1): Township and Seaside Hill

Summer has always been an important and one of the most exciting part of the year. This is the season that you wish you are on a forever vacation, and everyone wishes that summer would last forever. Long days & nights, endless stories to share with friends and planned vacation.

For me, summer is about hitting the beach. You get the chance to fully enjoy the beach and not worry a thing about whether it’s gonna rain or not. This is the time to get a tan and endure days of peeling skin after staying out too long under the summer sun.

Starting off the summer diaries with our trip in Baler, Aurora. Baler has becoming one of the top destinations in Luzon island here in the Philippines, given the proximity of the place to the capital. There are tons to enjoy in this “not so sleepy town anymore”. Baler is a popular destination for surfing because it faces directly to the Pacific Ocean. Though for those non-surfers and non adrenaline junkie like me, there are tons of reasons why at least visit the area once or twice or maybe every year?


First thing we did as we arrive in the town of Baler is to tour (or walk) the town. What I like most about the town center is everything is located near each other like the museum, historical sites, restaurants and prerequisite “pasalubong centers”. We weren’t able to visit the famed Baler Museum but already made a mental note to visit the area once I’m back in Baler.


Next Time


Famous Site Where A Lot Of Photos Taken


Highschool Bestie and Me


From the town center we headed to Ermita Hill. For the people of Baler, Ermita Hill has been a refuge site when a tsunami hit the coastal town in late 1800s.



Into The Woods


The OOTD post was also taken in Ermita Hill. So picturesque, perfect backdrop.



From Ermita Hill, you can see spectacular view of Baler’s coast from another perspective and of course the vast beauty of Pacific Ocean!


Coast of Baler



This can be seen from the base of Ermita Hill, how people helped and saved each other from the harms of the tsunami.


This is just part 1 of my Baler summer diaries. Still more to come from from this series. So better stay tuned! ☺️


Field Trippin’!



‘Til the next pose & post!


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