Baguio (Part 3): Afternoon Ride Around The Town

We made sure that our first day is jam-packed. From our morning walk to museum in the walk, and now to our afternoon walk in the city. Actually, it is more of an afternoon ride instead of an afternoon walk. After we left off from the BenCab Museum, we decided to hit the famous places in Baguio City.

First order of business for our afternoon ride is the Lourdes Grotto. You need to climb those steps and hey it is indeed a climb. I think there are more or less 150+ steps (and I lost count in the middle of it).




At the very top of the stairs, you’ll see of course the Grotto. Also, you’ll get a good vantage point of the city. It’s so breathtaking to see the city up and above. I bet it looks magical in the evening when Baguio City is all bright and alight. By the way, I don’t know if the grotto is open in the evenings.


Next stop is the Dominican Hill and Retreat House. It is actually a heritage site in the Cordillera region. The space was known formerly as Diplomat Hotel. By the name of it, it give me chills as Diplomat Hotel was (is still) known as a haunted area. Spooky right? The place really gives that spooky and scary vibe especially when we entered the main building. Good timing as that time, there was a seminar for a religious group and there were a lot of people.


Despite that Diplomat Hotel has that scary vibe, I took tons of pictures inside. The ruined look of the hotel is a nice backdrop. It gives the appeal of a glossy magazine editorial. And hey, my outfit blends well with the vibe of this area.

We were able to stay long enough to take enough photos. Mostly, I am the reason why we took so much time as I need to get the perfect shot for my OOTD post (Read more about my OOTD post HERE).



After a very quick rest and super quick lunch as we were starving. We headed straight to Wright Park. Ok, I really don’t like horses especially horses in neon colored mane and tail. Oh, it stinks so much because of the horses. I don’t mean to complain but I just want to give you a heads-up.

As a result, we walked-slash-climbed the stairs (our second staircase) to get away from the horse-y smell. At the top of Wright Park is a peaceful garden, a complete contrast of the chaotic zoo-like atmosphere below. We stayed and seated at some stone chairs up there for quite some time. Fix ourselves and selcas, etc. What I love about Baguio is even in the middle of the afternoon, the air feels clean and a little cold.

Of all the scenic photos I have taken in Baguio, my favorite is this photo taken in Wright Park facing The Mansion. It looks like you are staring in a perfect painting, even in real life.

The Mansion is actually the Malacanang Palace of Baguio City. Whenever the President visits the City of Pines, this would be the official residence of the head of state. If the president is in The Mansion, you can’t enter the grandeur gate. Another perfect timing for us, we were able to get inside the gate. Look at the design, still so Christmas-y (this trip was back in November!).



After driving around, getting lost in the process and asking for directions over and over, we’ve reached our next destination: Cemetery of Negativism. This cemetery is not a real one but an ironic park of looking at human’s miseries and negativism. To be honest, you need to be extra witty to get some of the jokes and appreciate what is written in the tablets.








Just a stone throw away is the Bell House. Ok, I don’t know how to describe this place. One word: Perfect! There are a lot of corners you can do your OOTD pics and your dramatic posts. Bell House is actually a house that can be used for different functions. It’s huge and the best part of the house is the balcony which is very American in aesthetic.


Bell House has a garden which is a must see site in Baguio. Aptly called Bell Amphitheater. It is an amphitheater full of flowers! I super dig this place! Best time to visit, if you may ask me? Afternoons and during springtime. Philippines doesn’t have spring season but whatever time or month when flowers bloom. Anyways, Baguio has blooming flowers all-year round.





Before leaving Bell House, a selfie with Amor. I wonder where is Ehlaine? Probably taking more photos than what I have.

My travel diary of Baguio ends here. Just joking, this is just the first day of my Baguio trip. More travel diaries for our second day in Baguio so better stay tuned!

‘Til the next pose & post! 😊


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