Baguio (Part 1): Early Morning Walk

Finally, I am so excited about this entry and the following entries. I’ve been planning/ editing all the write-ups, etc and here it is finally! Our short but very memorable visit to the Highlands of the Philippines. Ok, I was the only one who came up with that highland title. The official titles of Baguio City are “Summer Capital of the Philippines” and “City of Pines”.

It has been ages since the last time I visited Baguio and officially, this would be my first proper visit to this city and as you can tell, I am very excited for this particular trip. You all know that from my previous travel posts, that I mostly do beach travel diaries only. That needs to change soon as I am planning to do more city travel diaries and of course living in a tropical country, I am planning to visit more beaches soon.

We started our trip to Baguio City very early and we arrived in the “City of Pines” way before the crack of dawn. Let’s say, 4:00 in the morning? Early but just the perfect time to arrive in Baguio City as you have a little time to rest before all those walking you will do afterwards (and after an exhausting four to five hour drive – but I slept all the way) and enjoy the cold weather of the early morning.

Me and my friends, unknowingly always start our vacation by going to a church and say thanks for the opportunity to go out of town and enjoy our vacation. After like 2 hours of rest, we headed straight to Baguio Cathedral.



And of course some flowers for you to enjoy while walking the streets of Baguio City!




Me and my friends decided to walk in the most famous street in Baguio and enjoy it while there are less people. Hello Session Road, the official street representative of Baguio City. We walked all the way from Baguio Cathedral to Burnham Park. Short walk and more laughter (and talk), it was definitely a nice walk-a-thon with friends.


Then in just minutes, we arrived in Burnham Park or I guess not yet? There is like a football field we need to pass first before the renowned park.

Ok, me and my friends know someone who goes by the same name as the hotel’s name and she is a close friend too. Even the spelling is precise!


Finally in Burnham Park and some shoes shot first then enjoy the greens and the space!


And the nice park, we need some of this in Manila.










Baguio is known to grow strawberries because of the climate weather. I love how they added strawberries in a very typical Filipino morning energizer, taho! Taho is a soy based food/ drink which can be a counterpart for yogurt. I can’t properly explain it but whenever I drink taho, I think of tofu and yogurt. Anyways, tofu and taho are both made from soy. 😉 I remember that we can only have flavoured taho (or any taho) in Cherry Food-a-rama before (those were the childhood days!).


After enjoying Burnham Park, we headed straight to Cafe By The Ruins for our breakfast and first meal of the vacation. Yes, their food are yummy and generous. I really recommend the place for some hearty breakfast that will ready you for a day of sightseeing.




I love the layout and quotes from the menu of Cafe By The Ruins. We were the first customers of the day and when we headed out, there was queue just to enter the restaurant! I guess, we’re lucky.



And ending this part with a selca!


This is just part one from my Baguio travel diary last November 2014. More pics and entries soon.

‘Til the next pose & post!


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