Out To Play

Recently, we have been experiencing a bi-polar weather condition. Raining hard one hour then sun shining the next. It’s hard to keep up and plan your outfit for the day.

For a day out with my college bestfriend who recently returned home from abroad, I wore something comfortable and adaptable to the ever changing environment. It needs to be comfortable because I foresee that we will do some area hopping (Yes we did, from Greenhills to Ortigas to Mandaluyong to Ortigas).


The Dogs and Leopard Are Out To Play

Top is from Harajuku brand WEGO. Bottom black shorts from UNIQLO. Boots from MILANO. Leopard print bag from Italian brand OVS.


If you notice, almost no hint of accessories except for the statement ring-slash-watch for I am going for a lazy day and “not-so-put up” look. I promise that on my next few outfit posts, I will incorporate accessories again. I need to do some major accessories shopping soon. I need to know new accessories shops so please let me know and shoot me an email at orangediaz28@gmail.com . I need your help with accessories hunting.


Taken at the NEW Subspace Coffee

I am the type of person who prefers sunny days over rainy days. So hopefully, the weather improves in the next couple of days and wishing that it is summer in Manila right now just like in Tokyo.

Some side photos: me and my college best friend goofing around with pictures (as we termed it “photofest”). Mwah!


Bestfriends since college freshmen days


Kawaii Overload

‘Til the next pose and post!


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