Base Versus Pattern

It feels like ages since the last time I posted an outfit post. Two months have gone by and Ive been reading books and drinking coffee and milk teas. Going forward, I decided not to include on my other diaries my outfit posts so that it would be a little bit organized for me.

Fridays are really a very casual day for me as I prefer to be on my most comfortable pair of trousers and a simple shirt on Fridays. No frills, just simply comfortable. I can be on my PJs all day long if I dont have work.

So what I wore on my lazy day outfit: Basic tee is from Topman; Jeggings (Jeans and Leggings) from Uniqlo; shoes from Milano by SM. For the past few months, I love pairing complex and basics. Just like on this particular outfit, I love how complex and graphic the jeggings are and I even love it more paired with a very basic shirt.  I just noticed that Ive been going for the gray hue closet.I really wonder why I am so attracted with grays and a lot of grays? 50 Shades of Grey? Hahahaha…

Noticed anything drastic? Yes, I finally colored my hair black all of the sudden. Not really planning to stay brunette for a long time. Do you like my hair blonde or brunette? Still getting used to with darker hair, adjusting colors for my face and all because it seems that my tone became fairer all of the sudden. Though to be honest, I prefer the “Blonde” me.


For Your Reference: Me as a Blonde, A Week Earlier

Til the next pose & post


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