Reading Club: The Selection

Whenever I go to a bookstore, I go directly to my favorite section ~ Young Adult. I am a big fan of young adult genre. There’s a tons of topics that young adult books tackle. Not argueable, the most popular topic is love. What makes young adult books enticing to me is the fact that it balances adventure and finding true love storylines. I might be a hopeless romantic who believes in the cliche “happily-ever-after”.


Last book I’ve read before the third book of the Selection series was “The Fault in our Stars” (which you can read more by clicking HERE). I discovered “The Selection” series more or less a year ago. The series is composed of three books and three special side story e-books (one will be released a little bit later, based on FantasticFiction). The story revolves around America Singer who was raised as a lowly “5” in the caste system of the new world as she joined a reality show (like?) to be the partner for the next king. The series can be considered as a dystopian novel though this is very different from the other dystopian novels I’ve recently read for the fact that the main theme of the series is love and romance. Selection series is very reminscent of a popular TV series “The Bachelor” though this time around the searchee for love is a prince named Maxon. A novel is never complete without a love angle(s). Yes, we love those complicated storyline that makes us fall in love more with the protagonist of the story and we are torn between the two love interests of the protagonist. Not really a unique idea for any books or story. 😉



I’ve been dying to share this series because I love it so much. There are those “kilig” (translation: sweet) moments in every book and will make you want to read more. I especially liked how Kiera Cass wrote the last chapters for books 1 and 2 as they are both cliff hangers and you will surely want to wait for the next one. Just like I waited for 10 months for the release of the final book. The progression of storyline is not as fast paced as the other books I’ve read over the years but I love it because it makes me connect more with the series and want to read more about the characters. I really wanted to write/ share about the details of the storyline but I am desperately trying not to so to avoid spoilers (as I hate reading spoilers too) 😉 Though I have to say the end of book three is what I had in mind when I first started to read book one, because from the title itself it is like a giveaway. Ok, I know, I will not add any more details. What makes this series great are those side stories that are as engaging as the main storyline. The “Selection” is my type of book. A hodgepodge of romance, adventure and drama. Definitely a must-read, I promise you that the series is not too young for anyone to read it. Hopefully, if you decide to read the books, you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the entire series.



My fave quote from "The One"

New dilemma: what to read next? Hmmmmm…. Sara Shepard maybe?

‘Til the next pose & post (and reads).


The Selection (Book 1)


The Elite (Book 2)


The One (Book 3)

PS. Don’t you agree that the book covers have nice layouts? 😉


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