Pardon My Little Rant

Today, I finally decided to change the header of my blog for I am really envious with those blogs who have cute and personalized header. I tried making one today and I was kind of successful in doing so. Let me ask you to be the judge if the header is so me or not:


I am so proud of myself for being able to come up with this BUT now the main problem (after busying myself for more than an hour of doing the header), unfortunately my new theme would not let me upload it without really messing up the pic. So poor me!

I really need help to have the photo/ header changed to a certain pixel. I wanna cry so hard because I can’t upload it properly.

Sometimes, I can be a cry baby. 😉

Stay tuned for I have an upcoming entry within 24 hours (whether I’ll be able to change the header or not)

‘Til the next pose & post!

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