Reading Club: The Fault In Our Stars

I’ve always been a bookworm way before I started school. I love reading and it has become one of my favorite past if I have the luxury of time. When I was a child, I had this fascination with books and I thought that when I grow up, I’ll work around books and literature. Time passed so quickly, that I almost forgot that one dream but my relationship with books never faded. Well in fact, I love literature more and I am now more open minded on reading new stuff. Thanks to this blog, I am now able to fulfill one of my long lost dreams, to be able to write, read and share what I’ve read.


This pretty much summarizes the book 😉

Whoa, that was so dramatic and at the same time, a very long introduction. OK. This blog entry is about one of the books I recently finished which is The Fault in Our Star by highly acclaimed author John Green.  Be warned though, I might slip some spoiler so if you have never read that book (and intend to do so) please skip this entry.

The Fault in Our Star is a very touching novel about finding love and relevance in this world. It tells the story of Hazel Grace, a cancer patient and how she finds loved in the midst of her condition. The story started a cancer support group and at the opening chapter of the book, it immediately showcased all the important characters in the novel. The story revolves around Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters as they take part on learning what is their relevance on this world and how they can leave a mark on this world, with a little help from An Imperial Affliction, a book about a cancer patient.

I hate myself as this is another book turned into a movie that I missed on the theater as I was so busy the last few weeks that I need to cancel a movie date. The last time I had this regrettable moments was when The Perks of Being a Wallflower was shown in theaters some years ago. So I guess, I need to wait for the DVD release of The Fault in Our Stars.

There are a lot of memorable lines/ quotes  from that book that I need share them:

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities” ~Peter Van Houten


My Fave Quote From The Book

“It would be a pleasure to have my heart broken by you” ~ Augustus Waters


From eBook




For me the ending of the book is quite predictable as you are reading at the middle of the book. You know that this will happen and so on. I have that feeling at that part of the story that Hazel and Augustus visited Amsterdam. Nevertheless, I can definitely say that this is one book that you should not miss if you are tired of reading those big city novels or those widely popular dystopian novels. It is quite a refreshing break for me as I was reading Matched Series by Ally Condie, Veronica Roths Divergent before this.


My fave part

Hope youll enjoy this book as much as I do and that is why I took the time to blog about this book. I really wished that I have not missed watching it on the big screen as they said that the adapted version is well done.


Do not mistaken it for a KDrama. I love "You Who Came from the STAR" too.

I am now finishing Kiera Casss The One from The Selection Series. Maybe I’ll write an entry on that series because I am enjoying it so much.


The Selection by Kiera Cass

Til the next pose & post (and read)!

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