Clap Your Hands As We Say “Nolza!”

Nolza! eh-eh Nolza! Nolza! eh-eh Nolza eh! This has been on repeat days before May 17, 2014. You wonder why? That day might be the biggest K-Pop day in the Philippines for this year. As one of the biggest and most populat K-Pop group held a concert as part of their world tour, here in Manila. No other than 2NE1 ~ Minzy, Bom, Dara and CL, are all present to showcase their talent to the Filipino Blackjacks.


All Or Nothing: Prelude Video


Pink Lights All Ready


Selca Time with Sherwin Unnie Before Concert Starts

I almost lose hope that I will not be able to watch my favourite KPop group as 3 weeks prior to the concert day, tickets were all sold out. Well, I really gave up but my ever reliable Sherwin-“unnie” didn’t stop. He bought the tickets a little more or less 24 hours before the concert! The only problem since I gave up on attending 2NE1’s All or Nothing in Manila three weeks prior, is my outfit.

At the last minute, I came up with this ensemble.


Let Them Haters Sit and Stare

The printed ‘fresh’ top is from “OXYGEN”. Just a year or two ago, Oxygen overhauled their approach to more British-European aesthetic. Very underground, street style that fits my own aesthetic. Every now and then, I make it a point to visit that shop. Asian fashion are big on street style. Take for instanve, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and of course Mani.a. The varsity jacket and leggings are both from “FOREVER21”. Instead of using the jacket as a jacket, I wrapped it around my waist as an accesory. The leggings are fashionable and comfortable at the same time. I am a big fan of blacks on whites or whites on black combination. Shoes are from “KICKERS” and two toned bag from “COTTON ON”.

I am so glad that we had the chance to see 2NE1 perform live. Yes, they sang all their songs live. The last KPop concert I went to, some of the artists didn’t perform live. That sets 2NE1 from the rest, they can sing live and they have their unique sense of style. No wonder their “New Evolution World Tour” was even hailed as one of the best concerts of 2012. The stage is on a different level. There are lights, fireworks, harness, elevating stage, moving stairs, you name it. Everything is a feast for the eyes and the ears.


Gotta Be You Performance


Lonely Performance


Come Back Home Unplugged


Ugly Performance

The Manila leg of AON was a little bit more special as 2NE1 celebrated their 5th anniversary since their debut performance in Inkigayo and it was even touted as Sandara Park’s homecoming. How nice to hear that Dara can still talk straight Filipino and she never even changed a bit. She’s still the crazy, funny girl we used to know.


Happy Birthday 2NE1!

I have to give props to CL (She’s my favorite or “bias” as they term it in Korea) when she performed “The Baddest Female” and “Mental Breakdown”. She’s a total performer. She’s her own as no one can pull out that kind of energy, power in her peformances. She a really talented artist. As usual, Park Bom showed off her vocal prowess with high notes and Minzy danced like there is no tomorrow. All for members are exceptional. They really are the best KPop group, as this is my own opinion.


Explosive Stage and Performances


Naega Jeil Jal Naga

They opened the show with fist pumping, high energy performances of “Crush” which is my favourite track from their new album and their debut single “Fire”. I am so glad they all performed all my 2NE1 favourite songs like “Scream”, “Do You Love Me”, “I Love You”, “Lonely” and Naega Jeil Jal Naga or “I Am The Best”. I noticed that they weren’t able to perform 2013’s Kpop song of summer because of the reggae vibe, “Falling In Love”. These girls really set the world on firr with their performances. Hopefully, they’ll be back soon and they’ll release more songs, MVs and albums.


The Tix!


Before The Concert



Can’t wait for the release of their new Japanese album later this month. I don’t know but I kind of like it better when a Korean artist releases a Japanese single. Like for example, I appreciate it better if SNSD or Girls’ Generation have a Japanese release. So weird right? Or is it because I can understand it better in Nihonggo? Hmmm…?


New Japanese Album, Soon...

‘Til the next pose and post!

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