Cotton and Leather On A Rainy Saturday

What do I love about rainy days? One is you can bring out all the sweater and jackets you have saved for cold December nights, and wear them out. Second, you can do layering with thick garment to thick garment. Third, it is an excuse to wear your leather garments that is a big “no-no” on a very humid Manila temperature.

I have noticed that three weeks have passed without any outfit post for my blog and tada, here it goes.


Rainy Day OOTD

For this ensemble, I use a cotton “Converse” tracksuit jacket for my outerwear as a shield from the rain. Though to tell you honestly, cotton on a rainy day – I’m not really a fan because it tends to become heavier when wet. Good thing is that evening no trace of rain is present and the temperature is kind of chilly too. For the bottoms, it is my favorite pair of leather leggings from local brand “Una Rosa” and to finish off the ensemble, I wore a leather sneakers from “Wade”. My look is reminscent of sporty casual urbanite though I am not really a sporty type. So I guess that you will seldom see me in the same ensemble but with the trousers still stay true to my style. What I am really loving with sporty look is that they are so comfortable. I always see this kind of look with very minimal or no accesories at all on airport fashion. Where comfort needs to go first before anything else but celebs still look very stylish (I need to ace my airport fashion for a trip this January).

I have to include this on this post: Me and my very long time friend Tin dined at a super trendy Japanese Restaurant in Jupiter Street in Makati named “Mitsuyado Sei-Men” and the food is Divine with capital D. Japanese cuisine is on top of my fave so I am a littles biased here but to taste is to believe.

Here’s what we had for dinner:


Delicious Japanese Dinner

Of course the prerequisite “Ebi Tempura” and “Japanese Grilled Beef” and the main cast, the cheese and curry noodle (That’s not the exact name because I forgot what it is really called). Cheese and curry are like perfect combination. I liked them as an individuals but as a duo it is even better. I will definitely back and tag along my mom at Mitsuyado Sei-Men. Just beside the restaurant joint is the super popular Yamato Bakery and Cafe. Too bad that I wasnt able to take home a cronut because it was too late and only the leftover cronuts are available like two or three (I decided then not to buy that time) but you really have to taste their great selection of pastries. I specifically loved the “Salad Bread”.


Tin and Me


With Aprons On

After a long long time, I had a chance to taste Coco Royal again. Coco Royals are juice or a healthy soda from Thailand and they are so delish. Coco water and fruits are great combination.


Next Face Of Coco Royal?

Saturday was a great night with my long time friend. We made tons of chika and catching up for like 3 or 4 hours. How we miss the days that we see each other everyday and I am very grateful that I have friend like her ( Tin and Russielle – we miss you Russielle. Dont you worry you are our central topic. Hahaha. Joking only).

Again, here’s my very comfortable outfit last Saturday night. Dont you forget to hype this at Lookbook and Style Share


What’s important is that you are comfortable with what you are wearing, dont be afraid to mix and match and have so much fun dressing up.

Since this post has Japanese influence. I really wish that I will be able to go to Japan next year (Paging someone). First thing I will try are those “Purikura”. Have you remembered the once popular neo-prints? Purikura is like that but it’s better. You can slim yourself, put makeup, concealer. So it is like a photoshop neoprint that will make you even more “kawaii”. I dont know but I am keeping my fingers crossed and I want to spend a vacation (or even migrate) in Japan next year. Big dream right? I will be super broke if I live in Japan because I will be shopping non-stop.

Till the next pose & post!

PS. I am so sorry for the lack of photos at Mitsuyado Sei-Men and Yamato. This was supposedly an outfit entry but decided on my final edit to add the place where we had our dinner. Promise, I will be back soon and will make an appropriate entry for the said restaurants.

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