My Favorite Mediums

Social media, does it run our lives? That is just one of the question I’m reflecting on. Whatever we do, we tweet it. Whatever we wear, we instagram it. Whatever we eat, we share it. Hype, like, share, update, whatever the verb is, we are definitely living in a digital age.

This is just my breather post after all the outfits, foodies, books I posted. So this is all about my social media accounts. There are tons of social media portals/ websites/apps out there but these are the ones I am currently obsessed with “or” are totally using right now:

1) TWITTER: @orangediaz

Almost everyone is using twitter for microblogging. It’s like texting but you text the entire world (or your followers)


2) INSTAGRAM: @orangediaz

Pictures, pictures, pictures. Hashtags… No need to elaborate further, one of the most popular social media focuses on pictures (and recently launched the video, and honestly I haven’t tried that instavideo thing)


3) StyleShare:

It originated from South Korea and focuses on fashion and street style. From this I got a lot of inspiration for OOTDs and a lot more. This is fashion in general, not just outfit but skincare, nails, cosmetics, you name it. I am a sucker for Korean and Japanese fashion, so I guess that’s the reason I love this portal. I dont socialize much on this site but it’s like my ritual to check the feeds every day or every other day the most.


It doesn’t necessarily mean that a social site is popular, you need to join one asap. You have to think what will best work for you and your lifestyle. There are like hundreds of social sites or portals out there, so try to discover and don’t forget to be your own self. Lastly, as one of the local news channel is promoting ~ “Think Before You Click”. Be responsible.

Til the next pose & post!

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