Sweet, Edgy, Safari

You can probably guess that one my fave colors is gray. Most of my outfits or can I say that around 50% of my closet is leaning towards the hue of gray. I just love how grays mix with other colors. When I was doing my shoe shopping around a month ago, I didnt notice that all the shoes I was trying on were gray ones. Good thing that the perky and nice boutique attendant pointed out, “Favorite mo talaga ang grays noh?” ( Translation: Grays is your fave? ). Anyways, that is the moment that stuck me to reassess my closet. I can’t really help it. Gray is very neutral. Gray is very classic. Gray is on the same level as blacks and whites. You can mix it with everything.

This is my first outfit post after my very drastic haircut. Honestly, I was trying to post this entry for quite some time now but things kind of getting hectic and I wasn’t even able to proofread this entry up until now (and this almost didn’t make it to my blog because it was saved too far because I organize my files date-wise, maybe I should reassess my sorting skills or reorganize my hard drive).


For this outfit, my polo top is from “People R People”. People R People is like a haven for everything. They sell almost all kind of garment and from all over the world. Mainly small brands from USA or Europe. I remember back in highschool that PRP is only a small store but look at them now, they have shops almost everywhere. My inner wear is from “Forever21”. It made from very sheer cotton or whatever it is that it so comfortable and just the perfect fabric for layering specially in weather’s like Manila. Shorts is from “Cotton On”. Cotton On is becoming one of my to go shops because of quality and price. One of my friends said that Cotton On is way cheaper in Singapore, so maybe I can go to SG and do shopping spree in Cotton On, but hey I can’t complain anyways.

Does my ensemble remind you of gray?

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Til the next pose & post!


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