The Two Bs: “Blonde” and “Bangs”

I have this affinity to my mid length blonde hair. For the past year, I didn’t change my hairstyle. I just love how my hair looks. And suddenly, maybe a day of debating, I decided to change it up (hopefully for better).

I cut my hair to this severely short do. I may rant that I miss touching the ends of my slightly long hair but to be honest, I am loving my new hair. I had an almost the same style few years back when I was sporting a black hair with full bangs amd full bodied hair. When I turned into a blonde some months back, I thought blonde and full bangs will not go on the same plane but I proved myself wrong.

Thanks to my new hairstylist from Bench Fix Podium branch for giving me exactly the cut I was aiming for. By the way his name is “Son”, so maybe if you like my new do you can find him at the Podium branch. I was really hesitant to have my haircut at Bench Fix because of some feedback shared by some friends ( and ex-friends) but again this proved me wrong. I will definitely going back and have my hair cut (and hopefully colored) at Bench Fix Podium. Hairstylist Son was really nice and great on his craft. I just showed him a pic of the hair I want to have and we meticously brain stormed some minor adjustments to suit my personality and face frame.

Don’t be afraid to change and amp-up your looks. Like I always say to one of closest friend, “Kelan mo pa itratryan yan pag 40 o 50 ka na?” (Translation: When will you try it when you’re already 40 or 50 and too old to try it?).

Have fun, experiment and be youthful.


From this

Here’s the full bangs, short blonde haired me:





I didn't have anything done YET on my face

Till the next pose & post!

PS. I just love the selca posts above. šŸ˜‰

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