The Equation of ‘Boxy & Linear’ and ‘Black & White’

I have this ongoing fascination with everything boxy and linear. Oversized sweaters or tops are quite trendy nowadays, thanks to Japanese and Korean fashion trends. Another staple I keep noticing on Asian fashion is the linear prints. Whether on shirt, short, cropped tops, pants, leggings, you name it – they are everywhere.

As a rule I set for myself, I really want contrast in everthing I wear. If the top is oversized, I always counteract it with a slim bottom or trousers. (Honestly, I dont think I own a pair of boxy bottoms or pants – except maybe around 10 years ago or so when my mom used to buy me all the clothes and at that time I dont care whatever I wear.). If I wear light hue on one part, the other part should be dark. I always believe in the cliche, “opposites attract” and of course “The Ying and Yang”.

Another factor I need to consider is climate. Manila weather is very uncomparable to Tokyo or Seoul’s weather, so it is very important for me to choose lightweight materials. I dont want to look all sweaty while doing my errands, lunching with friends etc. Though the good thing is Christmas season is almost here so we can purchase wool, sweaters and knitted wear all over again. This is the crucial time to do that because once February ends, we have to settle again for skin baring ensemble.

For my ensemble, the top cotton linear long sleeves is from “Basic House” which is a Korean lifestyle apparel. They have intensive line of linear shirts and tops which is like a shopping heaven for linear fans like me. I really appreciate that they are opening more and more branches all throughout the Metro. The bottom is actually a wool leggings from intimate line “Oro”, considering the price and quality of the leggings it is quite a great steal. Lastly , I finished my ensemble off with a mustard shoesies which become my favorite pair of shoes for this month. It brings that “pop of color” to my regualar day outfit. I should be buying colored shoes more and more instead of going to the usual grays, blacks and whites.


Heart this look at Style Share

It’s important that you have fun dressing up everyday and that will reflect in your life’s disposition. Have fun dressing up and don’t be a drab.

Til the next pose & post!

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