Fridays Are For Casual

I just love the idea of comfy ensemble and Friday is the perfect day of the week to dress it down. Did I just say I love Fridays? Me and my friends are looking forward to this day mainly because it is the last work day of the week for most of us. After work, we tend to go somewhere either have tons of talk or caffeine or tea or cookies or whatever where there’s tons of calories. Sounds boring right, but I’m over my alcoholism phase (my lips haven’t even touched a drink with alcohol for almost 4 months now? I guess my calculation and recollection are accurate).

Speaking of weekend, I can’t believe I will be attending my very first KPop concert tomorrow anf I cant hide my giddyness. The reason I will be attending the concert is because of EXO. They are like my fave KPop artist of the moment.


Ok enough being a fan now (I so promise I will blog about the EXO experience very soon), going back to my Friday entry;

For my today’s outfit, my pink polo shirt is from Giordano, I matched it my rolled up shorts from Cotton On, and finished it with slip-ons from local footwear brand Wade. Do you think it is very comfy?


Hype this look at Lookbook and heart this at Style Share

I just love playing with looks & styles and hopefully you have heaps of fun dressing up too. For the last few OOTDs I noticed I am gearing towards my preppy style with basics to basics 😉

Til the next pose & post!


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