Black & White Plus Darkened Skies

The rain has been non-stop for the last couple of days but the good news is that we have some sunshine today. I wasn’t able to go to work for three consecutive days and for that downtime, I had the chance to reorganize my closet, sort them all and find some old treasures. The good thing for doing this is that I was able to find classic basic pieces. What I love about classic pieces is they never get out of style, you just have to rework it everytime you wear it or style it differently. For short, it is about “mixing & matching” and having fun getting dressed-up. I am so glad that all those years of shopping, I was able to keeps some classic staples like blacks, whites and cardigans ~ you name it.

For this ensemble (last Thursday’s, ahem), the black overall-slash-cardigan from Maldita is one of the finds I was able to dig from my downtime. I wasn’t able to wear for a long long time. To be honest, I even forgot that I have that overalls. Just beneath it I wore a white button down shirt from local retail shop Folded & Hung. I paired it with cropped Topshop black skinnies. Cropped trousers are kind of big now in Asian fashion from Korea, Japan and even here in Manila. I wonder if you can specifically buy cropped trousers hut anyways what I always do is to buy a pair of skinnies and have them cut by my “mananahi” (or tailor). Alternative option is you can simply fold the ends of the skinnies instead of having them cut but sometimes it will not create the desired effect you planned for your ensemble.


So I hope on your next downtime, you will be able to rediscover some treasures and incorporate it with your “this season’s wardrobe”.


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Til the next pose & post!

PS. One of my co-workers said that I look like a Japanese school kid with this ensemble/look. Do you agree?


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