Get Your Jeans & Prints On

I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for the last few days/ weeks. Maybe because of my busy schedule, ever changing work schedule and I’ve been so hooked with reading ebooks and stuff. Even one of my guy friends from work asked me last week, “Why haven’t you been posting your outfit for the day in instagram?”. If you will notice, my instagram isn’t updated at all. There are those very rare occasion I post very random stuff if wifi is available or when I use data on my phone. Even my facebook isn’t that active anymore. To be honest, what I really want to achieve is that my blog (this blog) and instagram would be the most active of all my social sites. I’ll try to do that and I am just waiting for something big to happen in the next few weeks. So I want to say that for the next month or two, I will still try to blog although it will be very scarce then after that “big thing” happen, I promise to blog more and more active on my outfit posts. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Going back to my “wear-abouts”, for the last days of July, I happened to opt for more comfortable clothing starting with Jeans, skinnies to be exact. Jeans are so big for this month, everywhere I go, there’s a big jean special even some of the bloggers and stylists use jeans on their ensembles, etc. I can say that jeans are not just a fad. It is a classic wear good for all around things.

Another trend I am obsessed at the moment is the full print pattern shirt. Here in Manila, it’s kind of hard of looking for these tees. Though if you look closely, Topshop and People R People offer tons of those.

So here’s my outfit post:


Jeans are from Zara, they are so comfortable and you can wear them almost with everywhere. I love the hue of the skinnies. I just love them that I need to have tons of them. The full print tee is from Topshop. I just love how the graphics work although you have to be careful in choosing the print because sometime it would make you round and plump.


You can hype this look at and like it on

Til the next pose & post!


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