Some Mismatched Line

Saturdays are like the most comfortable day of the week. For one, it is not considered as a work week and that generally means stress-free day. Saturdays are also the day of the week, I got to meet some friends (do some catching up) or have dinner with family.

As for me, Saturdays are like my prerequisite day for new outfit post for my blog. I will try my very best each week to have new outfit post, and if you remember my previous blog posts, I stated that I will do more blogging.

Ok going back to my Saturday outfit which I have to say is so comfortable. So here’s my outfit:


Saturday Outfit

The tunic white and blue top is from local brand “Maldita”. I’ve been a fan of this local brand since college. Their collections showcase basics and classics. Great for officewear and casual wear. I paired with with “Cotton On” leggings. I have like five pairs of those leggings in almost the same hue. If you line them up, you can notice the difference with their colors but I can still say they are still of the same family color. That’s what compulsuve buying does to me. I will be a smarter shopper from this point on. I need to add that to my midyear resolution. For shoesies, I wear my fave Parisian X Rajo Laurel again.

The ensemble is very much basic wearing. I love the idea of layering basics. What good with basic layering is you can wear all-out accessories. For me I forego some accessories because it was my day to night wear. From Saturday office work to a dinner date and some coffee after that. Well to tell you honestly, I should have wore some accessories. Maybe a bracelet but never a statement necklace because I love the details off the tunic. The color and mismatched line is so refreshing.



Hype this look at Lookbook and love it at Styleshare

Til the next pose & post!


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