My Newest Love Affair

The last few weeks were a blur of busy schedule. I don’t even have the time to do some proper blogging, which I have to admit kind of suck. Aside from the fact that I had a super busy schedule and working on a weekend, I find solace in eBooks. Yes, you read it right. That’s eBooks.

I was never really a fan of eBooks, maybe up until like around 2 weeks ago. I consider myself as a very traditional, old school book lover. So the idea of eBooks is very vague and I really thought that it is not for me. Though I guessed I proved myself very wrong. I even read like three books on that very short timeframe. Hello, that was so fast for me but to be honest I’m quite of a reader.

What I really love about eBooks is you can purchase a rare title with a touch of your fingertip and some courage to use your Visa card for online purchase. You dont even have to do some bookstore hopping which to be honest with you is one of my fave pastime if ever I have some spare time to burn.

So this is how my electronic bookshelf look like:






And here’s my latest baby case:


So now you know I was quite busy and was not so present in my blog. Well, we can blame my schedule and eBooks. It is the start of the half of 2013 so I decided to do some midyear resolutions:
1) Blog more.
2) Read more.
3) Shop more.
4) Dress up more.
5) Learn Nihonggo
6) I dont know anymore, the list just goes on and on and on….

Til the next pose & post!

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