Unusually Sunny Saturday Stroll

I really thought that the wet season has arrived but that proved me so wrong. For the last few days, the rain was so torrential like there’s a storm. A little bit gloomy for the weather, I wore a very monocromatic ensemble for Saturday. I thought that this Saturday would be as wet as the past few days, so I decided to bring along a military jacket to keep me warm and dry. But the sun is so up and shining brightly. So what I did was to wrap the military jacket off my waist ala 90s trend which like I stated on my previous post is that trend is getting a modern reboot this year.

So for my ensemble, I wore a white shirt (that was supposed a undershirt but whatever) from “Basic House” ~ which is a Korean fashion house which has a wide array of basic shirt and those basics you can use for layering. Black skinny jeans from Topshop for my bottom which you can pair with absolutely almost with everything. I had my jeans trimmed a few inches so that you can wear it with mid-height or hi-tops sneakers but on my ensemble I opted to use a topsider from local brand Salvatore Mann. The military jacket that I wore off my waist is from Dean & Trent (unfortunately, the brand stopped their concession at Crossing’s Department Store and I am having a hard time looking for them, I had that military coat for like 3 or 4 years now). No additional accessories aside from the big overnight bag which has become my favorite bag of the season.


The ensemble is very much perfect for what we call the bipolar weather, when one second it is sunny and the next thing you know it is raining.

Hype this look at lookbook.nu/orangediaz


Til the next pose & post!

PS. As i finish this blog entry while watching a music chart show, the rain starts to pour. 😉


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