End Of Summer?

Start of June and it signifies the end of Summer here in Manila. That means more wet days but that proves us wrong. For the supposedly last days of summer, it is so hot. It is very dry and it feels like it is April, the only difference is at early evenings some showers are present. Like I said on my previous entry, I already cleaned up my closet for the rainy season. But of course, since I am living in a tropical country, I am still very much expecting sun but not like summer’s.

Since summer will officially end in another week or two, me and my friends decided to do some end of summer pyjama party style.

The small gathering of three took place in my friend’s pad in Fairview. I thought our home is too much of a hassle for a drive, but compare it to Fairview which is comparably way too far. The small gathering is just a dinner chitchat with drinks and more laughter. We should be making this as a tradition for an end of season party/ gathering.





Here’s what I wore for the simple party: I decided to wear short shorts from Zara, for my top I decided to wear oversized Polo from American brand Custom Made which you can buy locally from People R People, and white basic cotton shirt from Cotton On. The look is so relaxed and perfect for an overnight stay without looking to dressy for a simple gathering.


Til the next pose & post!

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