Lasting Summer

Wouldn’t it be fun if summer is forever? You can go to the beach anytime your heart desires to. Too bad that it only exists in my imaginary world, where unicorns play with us, the sun doesnt hurt your skin and glitter is actually a sweet food that makes you thinner. How lovely my imaginary world is. 😉

So for the last hurrah for the summer me and my friends finally were able to go to the beach. We spent our weekend at Puerto Galera. Just a two hour drive and another hour of boat ride from Manila. It wasnt too bad right. Though of course, you will not be able to compare it to Boracay (another party beach) or to Caramoan (the best beach/island/ peninsula in my own opinion). So there you go, we settle for Puerto Galera for the last weekend of Summer 2013. As long as there’s sand and sea that would do the trick.

Honestly, Puerto Galera wasnt that bad. It has a great sceneries, the beach is above average, and there’s party.

We departed to Puerto Galera the earliest we tried to. Sarcasm aside, we departed Manila at 6:30AM on a Saturday. I was actually praying hard that it wouldn’t rain because two or three days before our scheduled trip, the rain has been a bad friend. Rain during afternoons and evenings. Going there, I opted to wear a 90s pop grunge look. White shirt withe sleeves rolled up from Bench, black shorties which I altered myself from Topshop and some colored cardigan wrapped off my waist from Penshoppe. The entire outfit is very 90s look~ which is making a revengeful comeback this year. The pic doesnt include my summer’s favorite triangle necklace which is a gift from a friend.


The sun was in it’s full glory and we were so ecstatic for it. This means more sun and more tan. I tried my best to stay in the sun but my skin didnt burn that much and it hurts like hell just staying under the sun.


For our first afternoon I decided to wear some very resort outfit. Sleeveless beach wear from Culture and board shorts from Folded & Hung. The outfit is so nice and I am very comfortable with the ensemble. I can go for hours on that ensemble for it is very comfortable.



Look, here’s the renowned sunset courtesy of Puerto Galera’s bay or coast line.


The place is still very much Puerto Galera as I remembered it. The last time I visited the island was two years ago. Though one thing I have noticed: the beachfront is more crowded with shops. The nightlife was still a good one but again maybe I have changed a bit and that is why I dont appreciate it as much as I did last time I was there. We were so lucky enough that we’re seated front row (or second row) at the night’s drag show performance. I laughed so hard because the performers were really that great. Some I dont appreciate because their skits are too old for me. The DreamGirls, Beyonce and “I Dont Wanna Miss A ‘Tang'” performances are superb. The last one was beyond hilarious. Too bad, I wasnt able to snap some picture during our night out because we were having too much fun talking, drinking the infamous “Mindoro Sling” and laughing at the drag queen performances.

The next day, I burnt myself. I wished I stayed longer under the sun. Here’s a picture of my burned-tanned skin. Do I look gorgeous as a tanned asian blonde? You decide.


The sands were so busy with people basking in the sun enjoying the day but that wont stop you from getting a perfect space to beach bum under the shadows. The water is so serene and clear, the sky is blue. It is also the perfect time to people watching, catch up with friends and eat ice cream.



This particular trip in Puerto Galera is actually my fourth time. Will I consider going back? I honestly don’t know. Maybe not in White Beach anymore but at the other side of Puerto Galera where there’s less people and offers a more quiet space. Though of course, I will not close any possibilities. I might be back next year, I might never come back ~ I really don’t know.

The weekend was so much fun. I am looking forward for more beach spots and trips all year long with my friends. Anyways, it started raining today. So officially, I say “sayonara” to summer for this year.



Till the next pose & post!

PS. Cleaning my closet and making space for rain wear. Putting all my summerwear at the back.

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