Follow That Unicorn

Lady GaGa. My queen of pop. The image I look up to. Great performer. I need to change that to – great “LIVE” performer. A true artist who is not afraid to wear (or not to wear anything) what her desires are. An inspiration to a lot of people. Singer. Model. Icon. Mother Monster.


It’s been a year since Lady GaGa slayed the Manila concert scene. It has been one of the most memorable moments in my life. I know, I am being a fanboy here but I really dont care. Weeks before the “Born This Way Ball In Manila” a lot of drama happened surrounding the concert. The Philippine authorities are trying to stop the concert saying it’s too provocative for our culture. My say to that: quite a B.S. Well anyways, the concert still pushed through. Not just a one-night only concert but there is an encore the next night. I believe that was the first time that an international artist had a 2 night concert at the same venue. It is not just any venue but it was no less than the Mall of Asia Arena which surpassed Araneta Coliseum with the number of audience capacity. Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Ball was the first ever event that the Arena hosted, and we were there the first night. We like devirginized the venue.

Anyways, the concert itself was truly a showcase of what Lady GaGa is all about. There is a storyline to follow (same as for her first concert). It was really a spectacle to watch. From costumes, to lightings, to props and dancing. She opened the ball with “Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)” where there is a white horse emerging from the castle dropback. Well the other scenes are history and you might be bored if I blog each and every song and setlist. Though my faves performances were “Scheibe” where she donned a costume and dance ala Michael Jackson, “Bloody Mary” where she rode a automatic standing chair and she wore a white Filipiniana dress, of course the “Born This Way” performance was beyond beyond any words, and she closed the ball with “Marry The Night” where she sang the acapella version, piano version and the extended edit.

I really wished that I will be able to watch another Lady GaGa Ball-or-concert. She is indeed one of the best artist performer of this generation. Of course, I didn’t watch the Born This Way Ball all alone. I was with my super friends Amor and Ehlaine to share that particular moment. They may have blogged about the anniversary. So if you have the time feel free to visit their blogs at &

Here’s what I wore for the Born This Way Ball. I wore my Uniqlo basic shirt with a high waisted denim shorts from TopShop. I accesorized with chains and studs. To finish off the look, I wore sheer stockings and hightops sneakers from K-Bond.


So, until the next concert experience. We are eyeing the Rihanna Diamonds World Tour In Manila this coming September.

Dear Mother Monster, if ever you will be able to read this, we are so itching for fresh music and out of this world music videos. Born This Way and The Fame Monster have been on repeat for quite sometime now. We need new materials from you asap.♕♬♪♩

Till the next pose & post!


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