Will.I.Am’s #WillPower

When you think of Will.I.Am’s music what comes into your mind? For me: sick beats, great collaborations with different sorts of artist and hiphop fused with pop. That’s what exactly his new album is all about.


#WillPower’s been pushed back a couple of time but finally it was out last month. One track missing was his collaboration with Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger titled “T.H.E”. It was not on the tracklist and anyways that was like released months and months ago.

My favorites off the album are “Gettin’ Dumb”, “Fall Down”, “Far Away From Home” and “Love Bullets”. “Gettin Dumb” is a great weekend anthem with good beats and vocals from KPop group 2NE1 and BEP’s Apl.De.Ap. Hopefully this particular singlr will get a music video treatment. I wonder what the members of 2NE1 will wear for the video. The track’s focal points are CL’s rapping skills and Bom’s voice for the chorus. Another fave of mine is “Fall Down”. Simple pop beats with Miley Cyrus. Miley is the perfect vocals for this song. What’s funny was Miley and Will.I.Am’s parts are exactly the same. “Far Away From Home” reminds me of arcade beats. The song was actually slow compared to other tracks. I cant help but compare “Love Bullets” to DJ Zedd’s Clarity. This song is a slow song and the chorus was really good. The lytics are well versed and well written. This can be a club-love song. “Bang Bang” has a 20s flair to it. I am not loving that particular single and it seems off from the album and the featued artist has done nothing but to sing like the word “Bang… Bang… Bang”. “Reach For The Stars” is a potential club starter. I can imagine it having multiple remix and clubs/ djs will surely love to add this song to their setlist. “The World Is Crazy” reminds me of BEP “Where Is The Love?” – Seriously great lyrics, slow beats, this song is gonna be big (just a hunch).


Overall, Will.I.Am’s album is good. There were like two off tracks like “Bang Bang” and “Good Morning” but the other tracks compensate for those minor glitches. Like I said, the next weekend I go clubbing, I will look forward to hear some of the tracks from the dj’s setlist. All the tracks have collaborations. I just wonder why Fergie and Taboo didnt have a track for this album?

PS. Since I was saying that I am looking forward to hear some of the tracks when I go clubbing, the tracks “Let’s Go” and “Geekin” were both played last night on the dj’s setlist. On my drive home earlier this morning, “Fall Down” was played by a local radio station. 😉

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