Black Is My Cup of Tea

Black. What comes into your mind whenever you think if this particular color? Some might think gloom but for me it’s classic, flexibility and fashion.

For me, black is classic because of the black and white films. Oh my gosh, aint they so glamorous back then wearing black head-to-toe ensemble with black fur, black diamonds and black shoes. The flapper era, everyone is just so fabulous.

Whenever I wear black, it boosts my confidence. I can’t properly explain it but I feel so comfortable with wearing black. Let’s just say that black is one of my favorite color and with an approximate percentage of 30% black in my closet right now.

For today, I wore a black ensemble. Black long sleeved, striped shirt from Maldita paired with black leatherette leggings from Una Rosa. Maldita and Una Rosa are both chain stores which showcase great designs, classic wear and majorly black pieces. To contrast the all black ensemble, I wore the Japanese inspired shoes from Rajo Laurel. Again, no accesories for today, just my Kate Spade neutral bag.


Speaking of flapper era, I really wanted to watch “The Great Gatsby”. So excited to watch it, all costume were made by no less than the Muiccia Prada. I really wonder if “The Great Gatsby” is a musical or not. Well whatever it is, I am looking forward to see the film.

Till the next pose & post!

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