Neutrals on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. Not considered as a holiday but one of the most important days to pay homage to the best woman in our lives.

I woke up very early today and as part of my routine, after breakfast (to be honest, before breakfast), I checked Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on my phone. And guess what, almost everyone had a tweet, status update, new photo about their own mothers. I just love reading to those stuff. Everyone is a buzz for this day. As an active social network citizen, before I went to sleep last night, and it so happened that I slept around 2AM (earlier today), I posted an old picture of mom with me and my big brother. Old pictures are my thing right now, and I even discovered an old picture of me and I am thinking to post it soon and already thinking of a perfect caption. Back to mother’s day, I think they should seriously pass a bill about making this day a legit holiday.


What I remember the most about mother’s day way when I was so young was that we are always go to some beach. Driving on some freeway with that Spice Girls song on the background aptly titled “Mama”. It is like a family tradition that the whole family is on a weekend getaway for the Mother’s Day weekend. I miss doing that weekend thing with the family.

For this year, me and mama just had a quiet dinner near our place. There is that artsy cafe/ bistro just a 10 minute drive from our place. Dont you worry, I am already working on blog entry for “AngNewNo Cafe” and it is either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow that I will be able to post my entry about the cafe.




For the mother’s day date, I wore my comfy Dean & Trent minute plaid prints shorts, paired it with neutral polo shirt and finished it a Rajo Laurel Japanese shoesies. No accessories added because I am too lazy to wear some and it is so freaking hot (lame excuses) and I just had my neutral colored sling bag that matched my polo shirt. Very easy breezy look perfect for a quiet early dinner to an artsy cafe.


By next year, mom will be celebrating “grandparents’ day”, which would be her first, because my brother’s wife is expecting. I really wish that it would be a girl so I will be able to style the baby. 😉 Irregardless what is the gender of the baby, I will be a proud uncle and will love him-or-her like my own.

Ma, I so love you. I dedicate this blog entry for you. More mother’s day to come.

Till the next pose & post!


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